Best Android Apps For Your Chromebook: Squid (Notes, Drawing, PDF Markup)

Best Android Apps For Your Chromebook is a special segment we do here at Chrome Unboxed to highlight apps from Google Play that work exceptionally well on your Chromebook. As developers continue to make their apps better on the bigger screen, we want to highlight the ones that are doing it well that may be of use to you on your Chrome OS device.


  1. dear Sir, may i politely seek your advice please, may you recommand any adorid app notepad that have the feature for Flip or Reverse Text please ? thank you sir for your kindness & advice

  2. Is there a way to disable touch input? I constantly have issues with things being deleted accidentally or the page resizing or being moved. It has some great features but is almost unusable because of these issues.

  3. Thanks for this video, it helped answer lots of questions. I decided to go back to my PC and just use Acrobat. Squid seems nice, but it's still an incomplete product and has too many limitations. ( Google Drive? Export or Save As PDF? Vertical Scrolling? )

  4. Hi just purchased a new google slate.. Am planning to go to med school where people use ipad with notability for note taking.. Notability though is available only for apple ecosystem.. 'One note' is considered a replacement but before I take the plunge, I want to know which is really the best ..Squid?? Or some other app

  5. It's a good app for casual note taking, but lecture notes (name of the app) is way better for actually using your device as a notebook.

  6. I bought a Asus c302. The app’s dont run right. They lag, they freeze when put on full screen. Why is this? I paid $500 for a device that cant function with these apps lol. Is this app thing new? Is it in beta?

  7. The stylus you pulled from the chrome books just sucks. Samsung’s tiny little stylist is garbage. I’ll take the pixel books anyway. I don’t care if I need to carry it separately I’d just rather have a bigger more natural not hand cramping stylus to write and draw with.

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