Best Android Apps for Students 2020!

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  1. Bro, esas son las mejores Apps para estudiantes ? Estar haciendo el tonto todo el rato y crear más dependencia del tontizador, Eso es estudiar ?. Por favor, mostrame una App que le enseñe a un niño a diferenciar una semilla sana y natural de una creada por Monsanto-Bayer…

  2. Why not take the time to try out unitMeasure: powerful unit converter app for android. Also features tip splitter, date calculator, programmer converter and much more.

  3. Your channel is great, but I think there's a quick tweak that could make the difference. When your talking about an app, leave an icon and name on the corner for you to have a reference when watching and not coming back on the video just to check an app etc.
    The video was great, gonna try them all : )

  4. There's also an app called AnkiDroid that lets you learn flashcards very efficiently by showing them just before you would forget. It is available for Windows/Mac/Linux/ChromeOS.Create your own flashcard decks or download free decks compiled for many languages and topics (more than 6000 available).

  5. Forgot Anki man. It's harder to use than Quizlet for sure but it's an amazing app and you can get plenty of great content on it. Best flashcard app in my opinion.

  6. I respect educational apps and I respect you so much because you are a really respectable person.

  7. BSc CS here as well
    Show support Developers !!!
    Android developer and compiler too 😹 I love AOSP

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