Beginners Guide to Android Tasker | Part 3 of 3

Part 2 – A beginners guide on Tasker showing true automation on Android no Root required 😉

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

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  1. On my LG G4, keyguard is disabled, and a popup comes up that says it is unreliable. If I need it, start secure settings and check 'Enable Legacy features"

  2. What about how to change the live wallpaper on and off. I want it on when in the car.

  3. Is there a way I can automate a command like let's say I want to call my brother when I'm writing a reminder then when I click call it's a link to call my brother right there.

  4. can you make a video on how to enable alexa bridge with tasker in rm plugin when iam at home?

  5. Hi having problems with tasker, how to kill apps. Using tasker as a car dash entertainment system. how to automate it when no power it will kill apps, dispplay off. thanks

  6. Hi i have galaxy s5. Is rooted. I have problem with GPS in Secure settings. It does not work properly. When I turn on random app the location turns on automatically but it does not work :/ I have to do it manually. I have notification: "improve location accuracy? This app wants to change your devie settings: Use Wifi and mobile networks for location" when i press yes it works but after exit from the program I have to do it again.

  7. somehow dpad is not available on my samsung galaxy note3 🙁 is there any other way to get my location settings on whithout dpad?

  8. Great video series! Please send me the links for the intermediate series. Thanks.

  9. I can't to action "kill app" in spanish "matar aplicacion" to close app (app Fitbit) with oneplus2 android 5.1.1 oxygen rooted ¿someone solution?

  10. I installed Secure settings on mu rooted Sony Xperia L (5.0.2), enabled System+, but Keyguard is still disabled. What should I do? Please help ASAP. Thanks in advance.

  11. Hey, Can anyone please help me out with this.
    I am not able to used DPAD with my phone. I have a Xiomi Redmi 2. Whenever I click on the DPAD button, it says that you don't have this feature on your phone.
    Please help ASAP.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  12. Just found your Beginers guide to Android Tasker. You did a great job in explaining everything in terms I could understand. Right now I'm using the HTC One (I think it's the first of their generation), so I donøt think I'm getting the full Tasker-experience. Later this week I'll get the SonY Xperia Z3 and hope all the featers in Tasker can be used. Just having watched your videos makesmethink, that Tasker is going to be something I'll be using  A LOT. 
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  13. After giving Tasker this administrator permission turn it off on the notification panel and then on in the app itself. This way you don't need to mess with anything he's done after that. Worked for me. And BTW great videos 🙂

  14. do your recommend the best way to root your android.  I just got a samsung note 4.with att

  15. Hi Armando,

    First of Thanks a lot for such a wonderfull introduction to Tasker.

    Can you help me understand why DPAD and Buttons Options are disabled under input settings on my Phone.

    If i download Secure Settings, will i get those buttons…?

    Currently my System is running on Andriod 4.1.2..

  16. couple other things, if it's possible, could you show us how to automatically kill all other active apps other than the one that is currently running, on let's say an hourly basis.  Also, is there a way tasker can trigger something on the phone so that you can hear your own voice?  Thanks very much!

  17. Hi Armondo, thanks very much for your straightforward lessons; I have created some profiles just like those in your teaching videos.  Questions: is it true that the more profiles I have, the more battery tasker will drain out of my phone? My phone battery runs out very quickly after I followed your part1 & 2.  Thanks!

  18. Sadly, you can't use Button macros without root for a while now, which makes this root workaround  irrelevant.

  19. How can i get open mic+ to run tasker voice commands without it trying to search on google for the command instead of doing it? cant seem to bypass it at all, its really annoying.

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