Beginners Guide to Android Tasker | Part 2 of 3

Part 2 – A beginners guide on Tasker showing true automation on Android no Root required 😉

Part 1 –

Thanks to Fred Saunier for the Calendar Profile.

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  1. Is there a way (without root) on Tasker to turn off the annoying beep when you change notification volume with a profile? For example, when I set a volume-muting profile for when I put my phone face down, it worked fine except every time I picked my phone up, it audibly changed the notification volume. That defeated the purpose of silencing my phone since sometimes I need to check my phone in things like classes and meetings. I don't want that annoying noise repeating every time I pick it up. Obviously, manually muting the notification volume before putting it face-down would also defeat the profile's purpose…If you do know a way with root to do this, please tell me. I have a rooted tablet and unrooted phone that I won't root because TWRP isn't working.

  2. Is there a possibility to task that the phone charge its resolution when I start a specific game?

  3. This was years ago… but seriously wondering why the creepy home breakin was accidentally (?) left at the end of this video??

  4. dpad doesn't seem to be available in lollipop on my Xperia tablet

  5. U are really awesome man. I was not able to do since long time after watching ur vedio, i learned much. Thank you thank you so much.

  6. day two, love this app, made a profile so when i use the open internet inside the train, it goes to silent mode, turns up brightness and then launches 9gag (i always use that app on my tablet when im in the train). when im out, it closes, turns off silent mode then turns down brightness. didnt test inside the train yet, but works when i press play button.
    this app is so easy to use, yet so advanced, recommend it, you will save alot of money before you buy other apps that does this same task, only for this task.

  7. Hi there i am interested in your work.
    I will thankful if you guide me to make profile for mobile data to turn on for specific apps like youtube, chrome, facebook etc.

  8. sorry but when you talk about secure settings you said " no need root access" but it's false. i'm on nexus 5 and the app tell me : root access was not detected for helper

  9. Is there a way or profile someone's made to get the same youtube effect with a facebook video? So when I watch a video on youtube the sound and brightness will go up? I am still learning so this task I want seems hard to figure out!

  10. First, let me thank you for these videos you are doing on Tasker.  Very helpful.  In Part 2 video, you demonstrated GPS on/off for Yelp and mentioned needing Root access.  I know what you are referencing, but do not know how to get that access?

  11. so I am wondering if I buy this app, and then switch to a different phone, I realize that I could download the Tasker app itself from google play to my new phone but will all of my profiles from tasker come with it. Or would I have to recreate all of my previous profiles.

  12. Does Android have permission to allow Yelp to turn on GPS like IOS, or do you need to create a tasker task like this?

  13. I was an apple nerd before I knew Android (a gift from my wife), but I am so happy with my Android phone now, the UI looks gorgeous, and there are so many ways to customize the phone, Tasker tops it all – thanks for your introduction!

  14. IN CASE OTHER PEOPLE HIT THIS ISSUE: I've got a Note 3, and had to disable Wifi Calling to enable Wifi near towers.

    It seems to enjoy stopping the task even if there's no end statement…

  15. I was following along until the GPS said my phone needed to be rooted… I paused this video and went away looking to root the phone for like half an hour before changing my mind… haha then pressed play and the next thing you said was that you forgot to mention about root access

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