Beginners Guide to Android Tasker | Part 1 of 3

A beginners guide on Tasker showing true automation on Android no Root required 😉

Part 2 –

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  1. is this possible?
    after a call –> go to home screen (not to call log)

  2. Don't know if I missed something. How can tasker detect when you started your car

  3. I want my phone to go into airplane mode for 25 min intervals and come out for 5 min intervals. Do you think Tasker can do that?

  4. hey buddy, can you please show me how to set screen to sleep mode when power disconnect. please

  5. Hey, i really appreciate your tutorial, but it's kinds old now, can you update it please.

  6. Can you pls provide link for Tasker because of iam getting different types of taskers.

  7. Could You pls give me the link to other of your videos on TASKER, I saw only 4 of them, Thanks.

  8. Man i was having this application for month but wasn't able to understand but you made my day thanks a lot

  9. Can anyone guide me how to add a task shortcut to my lockscreen android 7.0, not sure which type…


  10. I'm really interested in this!

    I have a concern though. You showed how to turn on the WiFi by looking at proximity to cell towers, but from what I can see, the average range for cell towers is over 20 miles, which would be useless if you worked only half an hour away or so.

    Is my information correct, or is there a better way to handle this?

  11. If you have a car accident and your car turns off, your Tasker will also turn the Keyguard off.
    And you have to be a robot or a prisoner, for your weekend tasks to work and actually also all the other time, because things are so fluid in your life. Only robots or prisoners have a daily routine.This home area (with cell towers) you defined is actually pretty large. So near home your Wi-Fi will be on but not connected.

  12. Why in the world would you do a guide but then put the camera far away from the phone so we can't see anything? What's wrong with you?

  13. Hey thanks for the Great Video, I will follow the other parts too… also I noticed that the latest app has lot different features, love to see something that relates to the new version ( I am not saying this is old, it really helps ). Thanks again.

  14. Great video, but problem is the newest version of tasker is totally different to the one in this video. so can't follow your videio

  15. Amazing review on an amazing app! Thanks tons for sharing this with us, Armando! And guys, he isn't kidding. If you don't have Tasker yet, I highly suggest you pick it up. It will be one of your best app purchases ever!

    I only have one question. Is there some sort emporium out there for pre-made profiles? I am not a very savvy programmer, and while I am able to compile some simple tasks for myself – I am very well aware of the potential of this app – and would be delighted to find a place where I can download Task scripts that were written by people who are a lot more adept in writing these things.

    Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide!

  16. hi, Armando! I have a problem. My telephone network does not allow call forwarding, i have a SmartWatch with a sim card at my work place.and i wants to forward phone calls to the SmartWatch with tasker.please help me?sorry for my english:))google translate….:)

  17. Can I enable and disable ETHERNET with Tasker?
    Because when the electricity goes off my mini PC turns off and when it turns on the Ethernet is disconnected and I have to turn off and on to have it connected. So I want it to turn off and on this setting every day at every 2nd hour. PLS Help!

  18. Have you considered an update? The whole framework / look, of Tasker, is very different now than from 4 years ago and you must be on "Jedi" level by now 😛

  19. Hi. I am going to buy this app in google play store. But I don't know if it is active in non-root devices ?

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