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This AWS S3 tutorial will help you understand what is cloud storage, types of storage, life before Amazon S3, what is S3 ( Amazon Simple Storage Service ), benefits of S3, objects and buckets, how does Amazon S3 work along with the explanation on features of AWS S3. Amazon S3 is a storage service for the Internet. It is a simple storage service that offers software developers a highly-scalable, reliable, and low-latency data storage infrastructure at a relatively low cost. Amazon S3 gives a…


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  2. I have been using Amazon S3 (v1) for years with BackupBuddy. Now, they require S3 v2 or v3 but I cannot find anything in my Amazon S3 account that shows my versions, how to change them, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Hi, Rajiv from India. I am building an online community using S3 in the backend. How reliable and effective it is??

  4. Sir i want store my static website for 5 years. which is less than 1gb in s3 bucket only without using r53 how much it happen. Is it free when it is less than 1gb.

  5. Thank you very much. Perfect explanations, one of the deeper videos about Amazon S3 that I watched.

  6. one zone IA is for region or availability zone? because your deck says single region and you say single availability zone.

  7. I find the speed of explanation and speed of doing any task in the AWS lab is too fast.
    Its really hard to understand with this pace. Also some times instructor does not explains few steps (E.g Denial access to a user, I have pause the video for long time). As a beginner its not easy to understand what really happened.
    Same thing I could find in the lamda function tutorial as well

  8. I have a doubt, I have an existing website in GoDaddy which is made in PHP and stores in MySQL database. Can I migrate it to amazon s3?
    Does amazon S3 support MySQL?

  9. Samuel You are one of the best teacher. I have watched several aws training channel, But this class was phenominal, cant describe how simple and useful. Appreciate your effort..

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