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This AWS EC2 tutorial will help you understand what is EC2, what are the steps to create an EC2 instance, what is SNS, how to use SNS to notify users and you will also see a use-case implementation to notify users about a newsletter using EC2.

AWS has plenty of services to offer in many domains. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is one among those and is a web-service which makes life easier for developers by providing secure and resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Using SNS, EC2 and S3 you…


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    Thanks for watching the video. Cheers!

  2. It's really very helpful in order to learn detailed infrastructure and functionality of AWS compute features.
    Thank you alot

  3. Very good explaination and it makes simple to understand amzon EC2. I want to know about computing capacity(MIPS) of an instance. suppose I am taking General Purpose instance t3.small then please tell me what is the way to calculate its capacity in MIPS

  4. Your explaination with awesome slides and use case make it special so that any one can understand it

  5. Brother i am intrested to learn cloud computing in aws platform currently i am doing in CSE so plzzz tell me which learning path is better for getting a job in india also tell about system requirements for learning a cloud computing

  6. This AWS EC2 training Video is awesome.
    Very neatly explained in simple language.
    No need to have prior knowledge on AWS EC2.
    Anybody from Software can easily understand it and grasp it without sleeping.
    You just need to have some patience for the length of the video of 22 minutes.
    If this video timeline is broken into 5mins video parts, that would be great.
    A 5-minute video will help us understand and keep our focus on learning without any distractions.
    Pictorial representation is very good.
    The training approach is very good.
    The presentation is very good.
    Very neatly broken down the learning parts.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to explain this. However, the first 5 minutes are useless. Just get to the point. EXPLAIN what an EC2 is. Don't use wrong terminology. For. eg. "My users need to know when new products are launched". Its not users, its customers. You are going to confuse your viewers.
    My understand of an instance is this: I have an application that I want my employees to use. So I would order a computer/server from Dell. I am going to provide my specifications (OS, HW, CPU, Memory, etc). Once the server is delivered, I would get my IT team to build it and install the application and get it ready for the employees to use this server. All this can take 1-5 weeks or more. On a Cloud, you do all the above steps…..but VIRTUALLY. So the physical server you build (without utilizing Cloud), is actually an EC2 instance. You specify OS, storage, memory, etc. All this can be done in a matter of minutes, as opposed to 1-5 weeks. This is an EC2 instance.

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