AvinUSA Android 8.1 10.25' display navigation, multimedia and features full review

Howdy all!

Here is the full walkthrough review of the new AvinUSA Android 8.1 10.25inch display in my F32. I recently upgraded to this latest version, and I wanted to share the changes, performance and overal upgrades of this display.

I am really happy to have this in my car, with improvements to the screen significantly over OEM, and the newer release of Android. This gives you the ablity to run more apps, move smoothly through navigation and have this be a truly multifunctional display…


  1. Can you work on the sound cause I use the aux & honestly it’s trash Idk why I try to change the aux cord still sound trash & when I say I mean it play you can hear the music but it don’t sound nothing like if I use the Bluetooth on the bmw sound

  2. Great video, learned alot! Just wondering if there's anyway to disable auto-dimming? I have my headlights set to auto, with angel eyes running always. But this is causing the screen to be really dim during the day. Unless I turn my headlights from auto to off the screen stays dim, even after messing with the cic and android brightness settings.

  3. Will the USB from the arm rest compartment communicate with the android system for phone link?

  4. I have a slightly newer unit (Android 9, PX6 ID7). I am plugged into the aux (not sure how to hear audio through the android system without it??) which is what is used for listening to music/videos via the android, but when I make a phone call via bluetooth or use voice navigation (waze, sygic etc) I get a horrible static sound that is louder than the voice itself. Any idea why that might be? I've fooled around with some settings but no luck so far.

  5. Great video! What about a factory head-up display? I really like the radio station and contacts menus. Will it work after the upgrade?

  6. hi I would like to ask, original our bmw e90 doesn't have idrive. after installing these, we would be able to check on our engine oil level and fluid info's on our car? just like bmw which came originally with idrive?

  7. I buyed one……. so I’ve got a few questions……. should I buy a Tpms ? Because native tpms seems is not working anymore

    2- I really a a tutorial for the ‘ learning touch buttons” options because I lost some control on the wheel ……..

    Thank you

  8. Warning Warning Warning
    The product sound does not work
    When he returns the product he lies and says that he has not come and takes the money
    Gives you an imaginary address in Spain
    The manufacturer says from Germany
    Liar Liar Liar

  9. U can change the setting go to the setting click android and the factory use code 1341 and that will allow u to change setting mph khm and side of car/ doors

  10. Hi Tommy, I noticed that by selecting the "F48 / F49" resolution, result your screen remains slightly cut at the top, the same thing happened to me, would there be a solution to the problem?

  11. how well are the original iDrive functions retained?
    like if I loose pressure on a tyre, coolant is low… windshield washer fluid low, etc
    other things like oil level check, brake pads wear and scheduled services and inspection.
    also the notifications for faults like traction control fail, ABS fail..

  12. Hello, I have problem with Bluetooth.. I can’t stream audio with BC6 .. I changed setting in Feiyitong but after 5 sec it disconnects … with Feiyitong I can listen music …

  13. How do you stop music from cutting off when going into reverse ?

    And is there a way to change tracks using steering wheel or radio controls of 3rd party downloaded music apps pandora Spotify SoundCloud I really hate having to reach for the touch screen

  14. Is there something I need to do to get my original oem screen to show on avin screen? Seems like I'm missing something.. I have 2011 BMW 535i.. 6.5 inch factory screen

  15. Can do an update video with the newest firmware and do you have the 1920×720 screen if so do you know if the native ui supports the higher resolution? Thx

  16. Hi any input on the new avinnusa 9.0 oreo screen for e92???f30 style!

  17. Bonjour désolé je n'ai pas envie d'écrire des bêtises en anglais donc voilà j'écris en français ! J'ai voulu installer pour ma BMW E93 le problème c'est que je n'ai pas de son j'ai vu comme quoi il fallait avant d'enlever l'écran mettre sur le AUX ! Le problème c'est que je n'ai toujours pas de son et le I drive ne fonctionne pas ! J'ai vraiment besoin d'aide pour paramétrer l'autoradio quels sont les cases à cocher merci beaucoup ma voiture est de 2007

  18. First off THANKS, i just purchased a pre-owned BMW X5 and it already had what appears to be the gen 1 version of the Avin screen installed. Your videos have really been helpful in understanding and just figuring this system out. Question is, I seem to be running the 4.4 android version and although my current system is running fine , is it possible to upgrade the first gen screen to Android 8.1 or even 9?? Thanks again.

  19. My iDrive does not work proper anymore in my E87. I cant proper Access my original System anymore. Ist only accepts a Long press into each side (left Right top Button) and no klicking or normal turning of the iDrive. Only the long klick.

  20. Thanks for the new review. I've been following your channel for awhile now. What's new about this unit (posted April 2019) since AVINUSA released this in late 2018? Is it still the 6-Core CPU (PX6) with 2GB RAM? Not sure if you're aware of new hardware or product refresh cycle from AVINUSA. There are some posts in various forums that refer to the hardware being underpowered, especially if you want multiple apps running at the same time. E.g. Waze & Spotify.

  21. Hi, I'm struggling with the audio after the Avin display install on my BMW X5 E70. All connections have been checked using the install video. I'm running an aux cable from the glove box into my phone to play music. I've changed several aux cables and have also tried using multiple Bluetooth adapters from the same aux port in the center glovebox wirelessly connect to my phone via Bluetooth. Nothing seems to fix my issue. The sound from the music blared, crackles and is very muddy. I was so excited to have this screen in my SUV but now it's Bec me such a disappointment.

    Anyone with the knowledge on the fix , please please please help find a resolution to this issue. Thanks so much!

  22. Hi! Thanks for the review!!! How long does it take to boot? Does it boot to the stock multimedia system immedeately, like with the stock monitor, while it loads Android in the background? Or do I have to wait for the full boot to be able to access either my stock menu o Android? Please be as precise as possible, since I did not find any videos on that.

    Is the stock system still upgradable, as it was? Or more general: Did I understand that right, that the head unit is just "extra" to the display and everything stays stock, except that I can enter Android by some kind of command?
    My stock sound devices are not touched, right? How does the AVIN pass through sound played within Android? Through some connector inside?
    Thank you in advance!

  23. hi new subscriber here..

    i have bluetooth already so would i not choose to buy a microphone?

    also i have an iphone.. so do i need to get apple carplay? (i just want to be able to use waze and spotify from my iphone)

    finally, i have the premium harmon kardon sound package in my car. will installing this affect any of the sound quality i usually get?


  24. Hello, where can i get update for my e92 avin navi, i do not have watch centered in the middle? Also what is the app for checking gps strenght?

  25. I asked them for the latest update as I had gotten locked out somehow and it would not open back into the android side. After updating with what they gave me, instead of tiles it is now a scroll list. BT does not connect, it just keeps saying initializing, apps don't show up in the app drawer even though google maps shows as installed yet I cannot pick it for the navigation when it asks me to as it shows an empty list and sound does not work. Everything was fine beforehand. I have everything hooked up correctly even though phone audio still hadn't worked no matter what I tried. Anyone who reads this, don't update to the latest firmware.

  26. Is there any reason to purhcase the iGo sd card option from Avin? I assume you can just download the app yourself.

  27. Not connected to internet- Can anyone help me? I installed the 10.25 display on my 2014 BMW 335i. At home the unit uses my home Wi-fi to run the apps like waze, you tube, CNN, etc. When I drive away all the apps say not connected to the internet. can anyone tell me how I can connect my 10.25 display to may android phone to connect to the internet. I've tried using the mobile hotspot but still can't connect? Thank you

  28. Hi greetings from UK. I think all your Avin videos are brilliant thanks. 1 I had an Eway 10.25 in my old F30. It broke down after 6 months. Color on android side was great but on BMW side very washed out. How is your colour there? Ended up installing OEM F15 10.25 but only enlarged 8.8 slot tiny so I could swap back 8.8 OEM with no visible cuts. 2 would this fit F30 2018 with ID6? I fear not but please tell me I'm wrong!! 😊

  29. Looks like a viable option to add CarPlay functionality at a reasonable price for those of us still on iDrive 4. Questions though… what are the negatives (if any) of this system? I saw one video where the boot up time was about 30 seconds. Is that true with yours? Also internet connectivity… is there any way to connect this unit to BMW's built-in SIM, or is mobile tethering / wifi connection the only options? The gains look impressive, but I'm worried about what I might lose.

  30. Hello great video
    I installed one HU on my x1
    The bluetooth doesnt work, it cant see any device and it csnt be seen
    Any Idea?
    I did a factory reset, but it didn't bring anything 🙁
    I appreciate it if you could help

  31. Hello so today I accidently hit factory rest button it erased my modes sets i dont have the BMW EVO-ID6, JLR, Audi, and Benz. I have only the BMw-EVO that sit and my google play is gone. Also I Can't put it into Bluetooth music. is there away you can help me with that so I can bring it back to it was before? thanks.

  32. I have the same from 2 yrs ago. Is there a way to have Avin upgrade mine to the android software to the 8.1 ?

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