AvinUSA 10.25 Android 9.0 display feature review

Howdy all!

Check out my new branded gear!

If you want to see my full F32 build out:

I am excited to finally share the 3 month walk through and also feature review of the new AvinUSA android 9.0 system. This includes the new iDrive 7 style skin, and all of the basic features.

The goal is to show all of the basic functionality and critical…


  1. Thank you for the video. Great job! Can you help med out? When i use youtube etc. I Cant het full screen. I have black bars on the right and left side. It want fill it out? Furthermore do you know have to remap buttons?

  2. Purchased the system but hit some bumps, untill I found this!

    One thing I still don't understand is that I had to disconnect the optical cable to receive aux audio. Everything works now but I still can't help feeling I did something wrong?

  3. Hi how can you install for me 2005 Bmw x3 or plaese call me I'm in LAX CA 917-594-3548 chi chong thankyou

  4. Hi,
    is possible to load a custom boot logo? i have the last version of cartablet, android 10 but i haven't a BMW logo. If i press "load logo" a message say "no boot logo found". Thanks

  5. Are u able to minimize the android status bar? The top section where time, home button etc are displayed

  6. Hi guys! Does anyone know if this android installation would fit in my 2011 320 touring please? I want to fit the head unit and I drive but I’m not to keen on cutting part of the dash away lol

  7. Would u reccomend this for someone in the UK? I really want to buy this for my F30 but not sure

  8. Would I need to connect the WiFi on the head unit to my phone for example to use Spotify or would Spotify work without WiFi

  9. Will I get GPS with this, even if I dont have it now?
    Will this downgrade my stereosound?
    Today I have some noice when using my phone with bluetooth, is there a chance that will dissapear, I mean is there a new bluetooth module in this?

  10. Hi I wonder if you can help me pls I got the Android 9 screen in my x5 but it doesn’t want to switch off when I switch the car off or lock the car what am I doing wrong ?

  11. I have the e83 2006 but I can't get steering wheel controls to work even though I have the canbus. Any solutions?

  12. Just curious, which model of dashcam you're using that can be connected to the headunit? I'm looking for one. Thank you.

  13. I just want to see my album art on display…I’m contemplating about buying this display but I have a 2013 328i ….will it work?

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