Avin USA 10.25" BMW Android Multimedia Navigation System – BMW F32 Review

Avin USA 10.25” android touch screen display review.

I will walk through all of the available functions of the display, and each tile in the UI. There are a couple of areas I am still working on but I wanted to get this up and available for all of the people asking for it.

** updates –
Video stability – the YouTube video stability option has done awful things to my video. I will correct that or upload the video again.

I believe I have a solution where the clock will display the…


  1. Thank you for your detailed video on the installation and features of the screen. I purchased the AVIN with a bit of aprehensión but I didn't want to sacrifice the BMW original look for some modification that wouldn't add to the proprietary elements of the car and I can say I couldn't be happier for the purchase and added functionality to the original vehicle options… it not perfect but its functionality is truly amazing the only small gripe I have is the lag on some of functions but is a small gripe that I tried to omit given the functionality added to the vehicle. Thank you again and please continue to make great videos.

  2. Can you play a DVD from your head unit ? I have seen people using this new retrofit android unit that can't playback the actually dvd disc from the head unit.

  3. Be very careful. I am on my third main harness from AVIN. The last one shorted the Ibus on the 30 amp fuse! Their cables are cheap, and fit with stock BMW terminals is shaky. It was definitely AVIN's cable as the stock cable works just fine and the burns are on their main harness. All I had to do is replace the fuse.

  4. I have my unit installed, and is working as expected but, in my case 2014 BMW X1 E84 My car did not come with any screen from the factory just the storage has been replaced by the Avin unit. Now when I try to get in the car menu(CAR INFORMATION) all I have a "NOT SIGNAL" so I can't see the car original settings, BMW maps or multimedia. Can somebody help me to get information, Do I need to install something in my car? It is an installation issue?
    Please help.

  5. Hi Sir
    My Car is far away from my flat therefore the Android Unit can not reach the WiFi in order to install App for Apple Car Player (connect to the Phone) . Are there any other way for it to connect to the internet please.
    Thank you

  6. Someone please please help me! I got my backup camera professionally installed and it has a good ground, trigger and 12v power source that does oscillate. However, I get a black screen on my Avin unit. Is there a setting I need to fix? If not I’d like to use a mirror monitor (in the case that my unit is broken). However I can’t find a way to stop my avin from switching to the backup camera black screen when in reverse.

  7. Hey there 🙂 I appreciate all of your helpful videos. I just got the 8.1 Avin BMW display for my F25 X3. I also got the Apple car play cable and the backup camera. I have everything installed (besides the camera as I don’t know how to connect the power to it with the red and black cable… I only connected the yellow video part and I probably did that wrong) Apple car play works, but there no sound working with Bluetooth or car play? Only with the stock radio…

    Can you please help me? I’ve been at this for 10 hours hitting a brick wall 🙁 thanks

  8. Hi bud, quick question. I’ve installed this unit with your support of the video. However I want to upgrade the software, I understand you do it through USB. Can it also be done via micro SD? Also how do I access the usb slot as my unit is installed already. Thanks!

  9. Thank you for your high detailed videos DIY Guy.
    What i´ve never seen is how long the startup is, when you push the engine button of the car. I read its something about 30 secs till its ready. Can you tell me how long the startup is?

  10. Great video! Super informative. Have you ever figured out the rear view camera issue from the main screen??

  11. Will this support my vehicle? My f30 doesn’t come with bmw communication box so I don’t have enhanced Bluetooth option (connection only with telephone calls and no Audi streaming) also I don’t have navigation.

  12. So does it have android auto or apple carplay? Can you download Waze and just run it via the app full screen, along with other apps simultaneously, like iHeart radio? I usually listen to iHeart while traveling to/from work using Waze…can do that with Android auto of course, plus phone other functions at the same time. Thx

  13. Hello and thanks for your detailed videos, i just installed the 10.25 screen for a BMW F87 M2, everything is working fine except for the car info (original interface), i get a no signal message, when i go into the factory setting in do not find my car Type (f87/f22 2014-2017). i've be trying to reach AVIN but they do not reply back. do you have any solution to propose?

  14. The thing is that i bought a screen like this but don't have a factory code anywhere . Is it the same for every model or shall i ask the retailer?

  15. Hi, I am after some help please!
    I fitted a gem 2 10.25 screen and all seemed ok at first, but now my idrive doesn’t work and my phone does not connect to the bmw Bluetooth. I have re-fitted the oem screen back on and everything works fine!
    Any ideas??

  16. Oh Nice !!!
    I live in WA too
    The video is so nice
    If I want to upgrade my display , could you help me install 10.25 screen mycar is 428 bmw x drive
    Thank you

  17. I purchased Avin for F30 BMW and it works great. I just can’t get in touch with Avin after multiple emails for new software update is there any way to do update . Thanks for your help.

  18. Great content. A bit of a shame the video is out of focus, but it helped me anyway with deciding on getting one as an Apple user.

  19. Hello, good video!

    I have a question, it is posible to have the original interface of the car if i dont have the navigator and the cic screen? I am planing to buy this radio and to buy the navigator of a cic previus car, and i want to know if it will work with the original interface. Thank you.

  20. Sir, thanks for your video. I have a question about this unit. I have an BMW e70 with the rear view camera built into the tailgate release. I wonder if I replace it with the avin tailgate-release camera will cause error code for my car? Thank you

  21. Great video! I’m considering to buy a 2015 535i or 340i and will swap the 6,5” screen immediately! But can you tell me the difference between a unit from Avin or Seicane? They look very similar. Thx for your reply.

  22. Hi! Thanks for your video! Is it compatible with CarPlay, i mean if i connect my iPhone will i get Carplay suctions as well?

  23. thanks for your video. I purchased the AVIN 2 months ago it is nice , but the original vehicle options not working and the sound not good

  24. Hello, I have a problem with the device: When I start the car the radio works normally. Once the device is started, I hear clack. clack, clack (3 times), then I hear the radio only from the right speaker. The music from the music app comes only from the left speaker and the quality is miserable. The rear speakers work normally. I need your help because I've tried everything before. Can someone tell me the factory settings for the factory setup menu? Best Regards, Arthur

  25. Hi! Great movie! Has the UI changed to a newer version since this movie was released? The icons dont seem the same on their sales site. Thanks!

  26. Hi. Do you have any comments on Avin Vs NBT Evo ID6? Or the work similar?

  27. Hi, do you know what version if Android it is using – and what options are there to upgrade android in the future?

  28. I have installed everything but i have no sound via android multimedia. When i used google maps there is sound but not if i used other apps like youtube or video. Can you help me to solve this please?

  29. Hi Stefan, can you please help me get hold of Tommy, avinusa he sold me a faulty unit and have send it back to him in March and he went mute on me he does respond to my mails

  30. the biggest waste of money..do not buy, screen malfunctioned within months and there is no support from them. they won't return an email or call, I'd advise everyone to not bother.

  31. would you be able to help me with a few questions.  I purchased a unit for my e90 non idrive and installed it.  I found a few things missing in avin's instructions which I figured out since I'm use to installations on my car but support@avinusa.com and sales@avinusa.com has been complete unresponsive.  They just sold me the unit, sent me an email with instructions and sent me along my merry way.   I've sent them multiple emails with no answers at all.

  32. Hi, I have one of these in my vehicle and everything works really well except when I switch from the pen system to the android system the idrive control doesn’t work. Any idea how to correct it?

  33. Hi. I installed the same radio in my car. But i have one problem. After a night stay when i start my car it always goes to original car idrive. What can i do when i start the car after longer stay to get android working or loading first istead of original one.

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