On this video you can see the top5 best races I have made in multiplayer in last weeks. All of them were won in the last meters.


En este video puedes ver las top5 mejores carreras que he hecho en multijugador en las últimas semanas. Todas ellas fueron ganadas en los últimos metros.

1st song: Ahxello & Alex Skrindo – Rivalry
2nd song: Don’t Stop To Dance – Alan Cortes & Matz
3rd song: Anikdote – Turn It Up [NCS Release]


  1. A replay of the last moment where you got first on all races with different camera angles would’ve been cool, not saying the races weren’t

  2. Aditya Sharma again upload new update of A8 with hack …
    Cmon dude ask GL to give u all cars starts picture and map

  3. Who would win?

    Insanely quick hyper cars


    One Nitro long lasting boi which is also easy to drive?

    Reply the answer

  4. wow you are a pro especially on the race with the aventador j and it was really hard to do it but as always good video

  5. I hate the Unbreakable season because all the things about preserving momentum and such won't work, and if you try to do 360 at big jumps trying to regain nitro they will definitely ram you off course… (Losing the On-screen steering wheel I suffered more with TD) why would ppl ask for no kd in mp anyway…

    Nice race anyway 🤗

  6. 1:50 that Sin R1 wrecked the lambo so hard 😱😱😱😱😱
    4:00 that was a perfect Elyeet moment right there XD

  7. Vezzzzz Héctor? Qué tan difícil era subir no del a9:3 por favor sube maessssssss🥰😍

  8. No sé por qué… Pero al inicio de todas tus carreras parecieran que se coordinan para atacarte xD

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