Asphalt 9 – This is the REAL TELEPORTATION HACK! Let's learn to detect one

Asphalt 9 has been plagued with false accusations because people are not aware what a real hack vs connection issue looks like.

This video is to help you guys differentiate a real hack vs just crappy internet. Hope this clarifies a lot of misunderstandings and reduce the number of false positive reports Gameloft has to go through, so they can focus their attention on the REAL cheaters!

Cheers everyone.

Credit to my friend Moad, who was falsely accused of cheating like most players I know…


  1. es real, yo estaba en una carrera donde un ds tensei nos supero y en su video aparecia como solo reaparecio en la meta.

  2. not hack neither internet issues's just that we play with bots that the program create….8 players in multi only two are human
    you and player behind you ..all is programmed then don't search to undrestand

  3. Dr. Healusion, this hack is probably not teleportation. It´s most probably a speed hack. I have recorded a bunch. Haven't given myself the time to send all the links to GL. I have them in my Google Photos. I just have to share the link with them. Understand what happens, I have given careful thought to this.

    A9 server probably isn´t capable of tracking or recording in a speed that goes beyond the possible speed (they surely didn´t account for hackers in the game´s speed limit when designing the game), so either from your perspective or his persp. (when u are seeing his persp. in replay) it seems he´s teleporting ahead constantly, cuz the game interprets it as it's not synchronized, the place he really is with the place the server momentarily extrapolates he should be, given his current speed. The game has to extrapolate/guess between short intervals, because there can´t be an infinite amount of sampling points (a concept of Computer Engineering). In short, the server can´t keep up with speeds over the maximum possible, due to design reasons and internet communication speed reasons as well, specially if the speed is like 2x, 3x, etc, above the max. possible. And if u observe, those players that seem to be teleporting ahead usually crash, because they surely can´t have a fast enough response/reflex controling it, or it's even uncontrolable. To simplify, the car tends to get off track or crash, for intuitive or even obvious/clear reasons (consequences of a very high speed car).

    And if the player was using teleportation hacks, why teleport just a few meters ahead and keep repeating that action? They would teleport quite longer distances each time. I'm sure there isn't a hack like "teleport 20 meters ahead". It must be teleport to point/coordinate x, and x has to be recorded or input before hand.

  4. I raced agajns a ghost kne. He was invincible the whole race. Got third place tho

  5. You should never Complaint Hackers.
    This shows how shit developers are in GAMELOFT.

  6. At the first example it repeats what has already happened which makes it easier to detect.

  7. Dr h whats up do you still play a8 saw your latest video was oct 2018 have u quit love your a8 videos .. good video

  8. Oh look, is that that sniper guy who really pissed off TheHawtDawg1 by knocking him while ghosting and then get pissed because he can't take the L?
    LoL that really makes Lucas pissed

  9. And the pink Lykan was the best in the race so what was the point of hacking

  10. I think the Gameloft Team need a lot of the moderator to overwatch game reports. I hope the report button need to be add into the game

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