Asphalt 9 Multiplayer – THE WARZONE OF ASPHALT 9 (911 GT3 RS MP Season) [15 SEQUENTIAL RACES]

I know its a bit late to upload, but this season, Gameloft gave the opportunity to let everyone to use the MAXED out 911 GT3 RS. What happened if you give a car that’s too easy to control? Resulting a warzone in MP. Why? Because everyone can control this car so easily that even with all the tricks in the book didn’t always going to work out well. But, this gave us a very interesting gameplay as it was intense regardless of who your opponent was. Overall, I enjoyed this season a little less…


  1. Afiq you upgraded your skills but forgot to upgrade your poor connection πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. I'm pretty sure the GT3 RS will be the new long lasting double-tap nitro car just like DS E-Tense if maxed out.

  3. good to see you back afiq
    but what about drHealU is he going to come back on this channel again ??!

  4. This was the worst season thus far for me personally. I began at the back like 90% of the races. My hair nearly turned grey getting to master league. Thats how stressful this MP was

  5. Being first in a season even though you faced countless of dirty plays. This is what I call an achievement in the game.

  6. This is the poorest MP season I’ve ever seen before… many 360 many dirty players 😀😭

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