Asphalt 9 Multiplayer | LAMBORGHINI EGOISTA Slipstream | How To Win Races | TIPS & TRICKS

The slipstream multiplayer series is in progress on Asphalt 9, with the s class car #LamborghiniEgoista. many players might struggle to survive this series with good position on the leader board, with all the crashing and high speed runs.
I have compiled some tips and tricks, and some pet rules that would help you get good results most of the times.

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  1. I don't have Lamborghini Egoista unlocked now, but still i m watching this video 😄.. Amazing run brother 👏

  2. bro , i have now jesko in my garage , bcz of ur tips thank u so much im happy xD bcz its my first time i win a car in a event + i was following u just in last 4 rounds and now i have this monster car , what about if i was following ur tips from beggining ? yes a perfect resault of course , now im happy with my jesko thank u dude :')
    more info : im playing this game in pc with touchdrive .
    garage lvl : 16 .
    cars : 70

  3. @2:15 IN SCOTLAND u stopped sw, but doing that isn't there a chance of kd coz u had cars at back? how u managed not being kd d by those cars?
    another qstn is that i'm drifting at start to take the slipstream but how do i avoid taking the lead very soon as i'm in slipstream? do i again drift and fall back? can't i get kd d when i suddenly start drifting in the middle of sw?
    and yeah the alternate route thing helps. i had been doing that, for now i"m playing very less and just trying to be in top 500, lest i meet some very pro players, normally i would ad refill and go for platinum but there are only 20 or so players in elite i.e.

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