Asphalt 9 Multiplayer – FASTEST WAY TO BEING LEGENDARY? Tips for beginners [Rank 1059 Dodge]

I’m a beginner myself as I started playing 2 days ago, but here are some things I noticed with Asphalt 9 that may be helpful for beginners. Some tips may also apply only to Windows as the game opened late on this platform.

Shown are the last 15 races I did with SpeedDemon’s account to get him to Legend league. I used his Rank 1059 Dodge which had a bit of a difficult time with cars ranked 1500+. I also used my Rank 13xx Dodge to reach Legendary in a few hours, but I keep getting ‘No players…


  1. Dodge Challenger burns through the nitro rly fast I use the ds e-tense it's nitro is hella good

  2. I've been playing for two months and honestly, This video nowhere near like the races I witnessed. First of all, people from higher ranks, with more powerful cars you're not allowed to pilot, get in lower races constantly. Good luck getting points in a four men race when you're allowed only 2000p- cars and the three others have 3500p+ (even tho you have cars of their category)

    You can try to pilot the best you can, there will always be someone to wreak you down right at the start, or near the end. Or anytime for that matter considering they spend all their time trying to get others off road, or just do aggresive zigzags constantly rather than even atempt to pilot.

    Clean overtakes is never enough for them even if that mean they crash too in the process. It's fairly common to spend 75% of a race 1st or 2nd, gettin exploded out of nowhere into 6th, just for someone faster than your restart speed to go right into you as soon as you loose the restart protection. Hello last place my old friend…

    The funnier part is that the NPCs in the game are the same in best-chrono events, pushing you to crash constantly in the less subtile ways possible. There's also this weird thing on which randomly you'll just spine half a turn and crash on straight ramps sometimes. Curved ones, I would understand, but when the game pulls that out in a straight one at 95% of a race without any reason it's just unfair.

    I'd like to like this game…Really.
    The tracks are fun, it looks great, gameplay's good, but even outside of multiplayer you can't catch a break. I did an experiment multiple times, not actually pressing buttons when a race start for about a minute. There will always be at least 2 cars waiting for you. And all the time you can see it, a car so behind it wasn't on the map anymore coming out of nowhere at "wtf miles per hours" and the ones supposedly winning against you changing their behavior getting slow to block you the instant the new lead got past you. It's not challenge, it's fake difficulty at this point.

  3. i play with dodge srt on mobile but dodge keeps CONSUMING nitro. it drains much faster than yours for some reason

  4. Like I’m rank 1700 and get paired with 2500+ even 3000+ sometimes how is that fair?.

  5. really hate it that I can't sync my android with pc , I'm stuck to android with touch controls so basically it's all about car performance and driving skills barely matters

  6. It’s so annoying playing multiplayer cause EVERYONE GOT A OP FAST ASF BOI CAR

  7. I seriously need to memorize all these maps on multiplayer to compete since I am new and still a beginner to tilt to steer

  8. Btw any help on how to avoid knockdowns? I got shit car so I do stunts to catch up. But get knockdowned in air

  9. Excuse me Dr. but could you please tell me what is your steering sensitivity percentage?

  10. That was pure skill. I learned a lot about the usage of Nitro , great level of mastery on all the mechanics of the game !!

  11. hey bro i'm at your skill-level but i didn 't pass the bronze league , can u help me? (sorry for my english i'm italian )

  12. This guide is really good even for android. I know it's harder but if I can finish most of the races 2nd – 4th against 7 cars that have around 300 – 1000 more points it's a really good deal

  13. lol your dodge is three stars!!! thats why its fast for sure you spend money this dont make us a fool

  14. But what were the upgrade soecs of your Dodge? 2 star, 3 star?? Or is there an optimum rank to which we must upgrade and stop at that to have better matchmaking like in a8??

  15. Try that in Android…even with a Porsche I can't go beyond 1330… that's the max I went…my Porsche ain't fully starred up but well it requires 70 fucking blueprints to do that…n u get opponents no less than ranked 2300 driving a lambo even in gold league…😅😅

  16. So are people playing mostly on pc? I'm on mobile using tilt controls lol

  17. Increase and decrease in rating in mp depends on what things
    I mean what to do to improve it

  18. Just did 4 races, was bronze langue when I started and gold league when I finished. used ds e-tense for bronze and 1700 point lotus for silver. All of the silver matches I was against only 700 point BMW’s so I obviously rekt them. I was like… WHERE THE MATCHMAKING AT???

  19. It seems that you r playing on a PC or laptop , and let me tell you that Android multiplayer is far more competitive than windows an as I am a in legends league and most of the time (about 97%) I have been dealing with 7 players . Whereas it's not the case with you

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