ASPHALT 9 LEGENDS 10 Tips and Tricks To Win Every Race At Any Rank !!

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10 Tips and Tricks that may help you to win every single race in Asphalt 9 no matter your Car’s rank is or the recommended rank of each race.
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  1. As usual u drag so much of content from small details. So nice and informative video Liked it πŸ‘πŸ‘. And editing to say clearly ur screen play is so perfect everything is kept at perfect places.

  2. Best tip : don't give tips if you are a beginner who thinks that the career mode is the whole game.

  3. This video would have been awesome if you had talked through the tutorial. You lost me a lot of times as well as I had to rewind. Reading a tutorial causes the viewer to miss a lot.

  4. 2:15 ROGER!!
    Also at first I struggled on doing 360 tricks and flat spins cuz in asphalt 8 they were simple and I kept seeing the cpu do it and it looked so cool
    So I did the tutorial again I figured it out. Thanks a lot for the video it will really help me out for my play through of the game! πŸ‘Œ

  5. Don’t turn on touch unless you noob bc with out better parsimony in where you going and high speed wall riding and rail boost speed jump Baird always roll shock wave trick plus break nitro and 360 to get cars out better with out td

  6. By the way I have a good tip: try drift for a few secs then hit the boost this always works

    That’s how I got to Legend League

  7. Tip: stop making trash videos and quit playing Asphalt 9 and possibly YouTube! πŸ‘Œ

  8. 2:15 whenever this choice comes I almost always choose the middle option and do a 360 right before the bottles come so I get both bottles and extra stunt boost. Hope that helps 😊

  9. These are tips for absolute beginners. I use touch drive on phone because I suck at mobile gaming, but whenever I play on PC, I use an xbox controller and NO touch drive. Also, the other tips are really basic and something you would expect everyone to be doing

  10. Some off yours are correct but some of yours are not
    but that dosent mean your like a beginer
    I think its your stile

  11. 1. First of All, TouchDrive is only for beginner and casual player. If you want to become a pro use Manual instead. It allows you to taking corner sharper than TD, and allows you to use Shortcut
    2. Better if you use the initial nitro couple seconds after start, when your car is accelerating
    3. Hitting ramp doesn't mean you'll become faster. Instead hitting ramp actually reduce about 10% of your speed. It is better to hitting ramp while on Perfect Nitro or Shockwave, than switch to Double Tap Nitro while in mid air. Tap drift immediately on landing to ensure Perfect Landing
    4. Don't drift too much. Perform WallRide instead if necessary

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