Asphalt 9: It's OK to be GAY ! But DON'T Use CHEATS, Please!

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Moga Rable Power (46$)
Steelseries Nimbus (5$)
Steelseries Stratus XL (120$)
Gamevice Controller (89$)
Windows 360 controller (22$)
Info from Gameloft CC. Probably other should also work fine.

Android. I love Asphalt 9 and couldn’t understand players like this….


  1. I understand nothing how did they can drive like this, and also, I don't understand how it could be fun to cheat, whereas you can be strong, with emotions when you win, you lose, you crash, you beat stronger players… Just why ?…

  2. Dr.Healusion:"Gameloft dosent know the definition of banned"

  3. And they just smooth hiting here and there without crashing the car?! I see it now! Just BRAVO, and they keep growing 🙁

  4. A lot of hackers also use Asphalt 8 gameplay methods to play Asphalt 9 terribly … wonder if they are hacking on Asphalt 8 too?

  5. I wish that developers will crate souch a god vac ban that they will ban for life from the entyre publisher games

  6. Gamloft can troll the hackers by matching all the hackers in one race it will be epic … hacker wins😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Bro I lose so many points because some of them stayed in shockwave for the whole race was in platinum league now I’m back in gold because of them and I’m losing over 56 points it’s so not fair man.

    I literally drive my best, take all short cuts and nitro boost and ramps but in end a continuous shockwave is too much, plus it’s not just one player it’s multiple of them in same race. Too bad I forgot to record these cheating ………….. guys

  8. Gracias por apoyar a las personas LGBT ♥, pero eso si, tienes mi palabra que nunca usare Hacks

  9. this is so weird
    btw 3:00 sick jump bruh, that 1 2 maneuver really gave you the edge against your opponents

  10. I've faced lord rocco before, he pulse on start using viper acr, btw I love your vids and you're a great person, gratz LeMans for being top 2 crew, best of luck from LegendRacers

  11. 87% hackers can't even drive
    90% hackers doesn't wreck
    100% hackers trolls

  12. This nitro shock wave hack has become very popular, I don't know why theses players even cheat. Play fair and enjoy😊👍👍👍

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