Are cellphones bad for our health?

There’s a message in your phone suggesting you carry it 5-15 mm away from your body, to limit exposure to radiation. CBC Marketplace examines the standards and the testing.
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  1. What about the use of hot spots? Is there a different distance? I noticed my tablet can stay connected to my phone (or vice-a-verse) from my car to deep inside Wal-Mart and back. It has to put out a lot of signal frequency/radiation and if I'm right next to it, in the house or car, that can't be good…can it?

  2. I bough a Xiaomi Android one phon and now six month later i am finding my hand having circulation issues. I mostly use the speaker phone to talk on the phone but i also use my phone to tether to my recently bought ipad in my car. and i am finding now that i am sensitive to my ipad as well as my wireless mouse. and my right leg is swelling up and having issues with the right side of my body. the side i hold my cell phone with i am right handed. I recently found out the SAR value for my phone is the highest radiation value of 1.75. I don't know what is leagl SAR rate in Canada but a am very curious to find out.

  3. If anyone is that worried about it just stick some tin foil around your phone when you're not using it and that should suffice. The only thing is you won't be able to receive any calls or texts when it's covered. Or simply just turn the dam thing off for prolonged periods when your carrying it.

  4. 1 week, 4000 views.  This news agency is unquestionably the worst is the history of media.  1.6 billion a year.

  5. Radio frequency light is exactly the same as visible light, except MUCH less energetic. It's made of photons that have a larger wavelength, which is useful because they can easily diffract around obstacles (like people, trees, buildings, even small hills) so you don't lose your signal whenever you walk inside.
    Aside from people panicking about the word "radiation" (which also describes visible light), what harm can radio waves cause to our bodies? How would they do it?
    This is much ado over nothing.

  6. How do you expect us to now carry our phones? We need to carry our phones in our pockets.

  7. But where are all the brain tumours? Oh right, there aren't any. Because the type of radiation and amount of radiation emitted by cell phones isn't dangerous.

  8. Bad for your ears. I mostly use speakers, texting is good. Headphones are safer than earphones but I rather advice you to use Bluetooth speakers.

  9. I am a logical person… I am 34…. I ALWAYS knew since the early days of cells you should keep a high powered RF device away from your body, it's simple logic… If you didn't naturally realize that this would be bad for your body and health then… well.. you deserve what you get!!!

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