Are AirPods Pro worth it for Android users?

Everyone knows AirPods Pro work GREAT on iPhones, but what about on Android smartphones? Are they still worth $250? Let’s find out!
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Apple’s AirPods Pro have a lot of features that work great on iOS, like automatic ear detection, customizable controls and…


  1. I have a little problem, my mic don't work on android, tested on an iPhone and they worked, I have an Huawai mate 20 pro

  2. Very creative review ๐Ÿ™‚ . Short questions: If you use Android (Galaxy Note10 +) can you switch between ALL 3 settings with the force sensor? Noise Cancellation > OFF > Transparecy? Or the OFF setting is not possible on Android? Adaptive EQ : ON/OFF on Android? Thank you.

  3. I need 4k more points from my rewards card before I can get a pair of airpod pros for free, reason I'm going for these is because I lost my jaybirds which I loved for the custom sound settings but hope the airpods sound good

  4. on some people especially woman airpods looks hella stupid but no joke on u they look fine

  5. Hey dude,what about it's audio latency when using with android.Does it performs good while gaming.Hope you reply.

  6. Can some one help me answer this question, is their any audio lag on airpods for android devices

  7. I really wanna buy the galaxy buds plus for my note 10 but again it doesn't have noise cancellation, and I also want to buy the airpods pro…. some one help me.


  9. Awesome vid dude. For using my airpods on Android I'm using the app called 'airPopup' on google play store ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  10. On Samsung is there a off mode for the pros like instead of transparency mode or noise cancellation mode is there like a normal mode

  11. PRO TIP: Install the app called Assistant trigger and buy the pro version for $1.99 and it will bring all the features missing on android such as auto pause detection, press and hold for switching to transparency mode, voice assistant, and battery on notification. Also for extra $1.99 tou can have it speak the contact name or phone number of the caller and read notifications. It's the best solution for me so far.

  12. I'm in this dilema right now because I just got my Samsung galaxy s20 ultra. And I see that the galaxy buds are beat by airpods.

  13. Can someone quick answer these questions for me
    Are they the same quality
    Do they still feel unplugged
    Are they easy to connect and when I turn them on will they instantly connect

  14. I have both iPhone XR & Pixel 3A & my AirPods Pro work perfectly with both. Obviously just like mentioned in this video, you lose just a tad bit of functionalities with Android, but that shouldn't put anyone off in getting the AirPods Pro. They're brilliant. Good review, agreed 100%

  15. My powerbeats was stolen now I am thinking about buying airpods pro over powerbeats. Is it a gud idea?

  16. How do you swtich devices when using android and PC and lets say im using my android atm with the pods then wanted to switch to PC (both android and pc already paired with the pods)

  17. I use a galaxy S8 and it works perfectly ! Don't even need the pairing mode. Just open them and connect them. Noise cancelantion and transparency mode works wonders. And even taking one Airpod pro out of your ear will stop the music ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Can you turn off the modes? Or do u have to be in either transparent or noise cancel at all times. And if so how? Please help i wanna get some for my one plus

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