Apple Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch Active 2

Let’s compare the Apple Watch Series 5 with the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in every area, from battery life to smart features, health and fitness tracking to design.


  1. I want the Samsung active 2 for mother's day. I'd definitely charge my watch after a workout with my Samsung galaxy note 10+ to improve on the battery life. Do I have to purchase a LTE in order to eliminate carrying both my phone and watch to say the supermarket?
    I was also wondering if there is another Active due to come out soon, since this one has been out for a while. I didn't want to commit to this watch if the next best thing is coming out in August or September. Any info on this?

  2. And you completely overlooked the offline/no phone capabilities of the watches. Samsung takes the cake here by far. You can download maps offline and you can have Spotify download natively to the watch. The Apple Watch surprisingly doesn’t have any of these if you don’t go with the LTE plan. You want to run somewhere new and don’t know the neighborhood and dread having to lug your phone? Go with Samsung.

  3. If you own a Samsung but use more Google as opposed to Samsung services…yeah. I didn’t like having to always choose between the two ecosystems. I wanted to keep everything in ONE, not spread out between two that were more at odds than complimenting. At least now back in the iOS ecosystem, Apple syncs theirs much more easily with Google’s.

  4. I actually got up to 5 days of battery life with the GWA2 40mm (the one with the smallest battery size)

  5. Man I love my Samsung galaxy active 2 but this review was so great! Wish to see more of these aww reviews with your testing

  6. Samsung needs to step up their game with their devices. I love their phones (I have an S10+) but their tablets and watches are nothing compared to Apple's. Seriously, the fall detection is a must on all smart watches.

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