Apple Notes App Tips and Tricks for iPhone and iPad

If you really wish to use Apple Notes App like a pro, then don’t miss out these Notes Tips and Tricks work well on iOS 12, 11, and 10.

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  1. Thank you, I have been searching for long time: "How to use Notes ?" ….. Finally something useful.
    I did take classes at Apple Store, the facilitator just said to me, it is easy…. but never teach us…. Finally something useful.

    Question: Can we write with Apple Pen, then Ipad transform to "typing" text, not drawing?

  2. Is there a quicker option I can put my notes or any other possible way in order a-z other than dragging each individual one by one I know how to do it folder wise but I mean when your actually in a note folder, I haven't actually seen anyone speak about that as much It would make my life so much easier if there was a way and to get it done faster and organised

  3. Do I understand correctly that such an elementary operation as merging cells in a table is not available in Notes on iOS/iPadOS?

  4. I was working in notes and just practicing with drawing features and clicked on ruler. Now outs all my notes and can’t get it off

  5. Can i know why my iphone does not have those button ? It only have button to create new note😕

  6. Is there a way for myself to receive notifications when someone shares a note with me ? My issue is that I don’t receive a notification when the person who shared it edits but they receive a notification when I edit.

  7. please don’t say “What’s up guys.”. Nearly Everyone says it to begin a video on YouTube. Try something original like …nothing!….just dive into the material!

  8. The tricks and tips that you addressed are extremely helpful for me as an educator. I have a student in my classroom with occupational therapy issues and writing is a very difficult task for her. I had her try to dictate her words for her narrative essay on the notes app but there were many features on it that I know could’ve help her but I didn’t know how to use them. Nor did I know the extent of the features. This video showed me how I can help her communicate her thoughts and share her work with her family. I learned all of this from watching this video. Please keep uploading these types of tutorials. It is extremely helpful for students like her who need these accommodations and extremely essential for me as an educator to learn and help her and other students that are like her.

  9. i have lots and lots of notes that i saved in my iphone x .. the problem is that i search for a note in my iphone x but it doesn't appear in the search bar though it is really exists in notes …. can you tell me why ??

  10. What’s even the point of all these different types of “papers” (lined + grid) when the text doesn’t even appear on top of the lines??

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