Apple iPhone 8 Plus Review from an Android Phone User!

Coming from someone who mainly uses Android phones, here is my full review on the new Apple iPhone 8 Plus! Hear the pros and cons of Apple’s latest flagship.
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  1. Fast charging comes on sub $200.00 phones in the box. It would be different if there was at least a 2amp iPad style charger in the box as that charger is almost as fast and is well worth the money to get the 12w chargers they are around $20.00 and you can use your same cable.

  2. Chose 8 plus for two year contract until 2020 Nov by then apple should figure out the notch less display. 2019 iPhones will have three cameras and new A13 processor. That is it. The 2020 iPhone SHOULD remove the notch fully.

  3. Thanks for your video. Very informational. So, I’m upgrading from my iPhone SE. what do you think? I was gonna go with the 8 plus,but you said at the end, should get a 7 plus instead? What do you think?

  4. I don't really like samsung galaxy s9 design though. I'm gunna try the iphone 8 plus I've been an android user for years and Im curious to see why people like the iPhone so much

  5. Really nice phone>>> Feels perfect in my hand. It's very fast. Takes excellent photos and video. Battery lasts very long time. Put a minimalist cover on it and a tempered glass screen protector – didn't change the feel of the phone. Love iOS. Another great Apple product!

  6. the "goofy bug" isnt a fault with ios. its youtubes app developers fault as they cant use java developer tools apparently

  7. I'm an android user for like 4 years now. I wonder what would be my reaction.

  8. Yes, but IOS does not have SMS Delivery Reports, Android phones do since the 90's ! No native 16/9 photo format either. My wife has an iPhone 8 plus, she loves it, we use Whatsapp (for delivery reports) and proCam 6 (for 16/9 pictures).. Thanks for the review ! Cheers from Belgium. PS. $153 Xiaumi A2 Lite does it all ! Super phone !

  9. i wish i could find a gay version of tim to love and hold me. hes been my youtube gay crush for so many many many years feels like a decade.

  10. Be satisfied on what phone u have don't complain there are many people wishes to have a good phone. So whats the point of the reviews as long the phone works thats the important thing. ALL PHONES ARE WORTH IT!

  11. Its really all preference guys! The only thing about the iPhone is that IOS and iPhone are LITERALLY made for each and much better optimized, as its hardware and software run much smoother and more efficient compared to the Galaxy’s basically generic Android operating system with is not as well optimized as IOS. Thats a fact 😎. Ive owned both brands and think they are both great. But once I switched to an iPhone i never looked back. So once you actually own both you cant really say one is better than the other, although apple cannot be beat on their beautiful aesthetics, they are built so damn nice! But we are talking about a company that prides themselves on optimization of their products with patented hardware and software. And even though IOS has had some bugs before but this is to be expected when a new phone is coming out every damn year.

  12. Yes, it looks outdated, but that’s because the iPhone X exists. For those people who wanted Apple to make a big change and take risks, they can get the iPhone X. However, for all the people who hate the notch and hate Face ID and wanted Apple to keep their old design, Apple is selling a brand new, fully up to date phone called the iPhone 8/8 Plus! These two phones have Touch ID and no notch, but look the same as previous iPhones. The iPhone 8/8 Plus is exclusively for people who hate the iPhone X and don’t want to change the way they do things (and for people who want to spend less money).

  13. I was the apple fan boy, then covert to android for 2 years and now back again to apple. Iphone 8 plus is my best mobile phone i have ever.

  14. I know this videos old now but it's funny how everyone thought the iphone x was going to have a 1440p screen res. Instead, apple f'd everyone and slapped a 1125p screen. Stuck watching YouTube at 1080p..

  15. Hi. Just found you. Great video. I love my 8+. And I agree it’s buggy at times. And slow charging. Or is it just the 11.4.1?anyhoo I was thrilled to see you and I have the same wallpaper! How often does that happen! 😀👍
    Ps I subscribed

  16. Just get WhatsApp or telegram, there are tons of apps with more features out there that are better than iMessage.

  17. Damn discussing the facts with apple users feels the same as discussing the facts with religious folks. I’m ashamed of owning iPhone 6s, i will get my note 9 next week and get rid of my iPhone. It’s funny. I tried sooo hard to convince myself to get iphone x because i have macbook pro and ipad pro and i like apple ecosystem but seriously iPhone is boring and has nothing new to offer and the main reason i will never buy apple products again is because apple screwed us by slowing down my phone and my phone used to shutdown for no reason whatsoever.

  18. Two issues with your review. First you shouldn’t complain about the software if you haven’t updated it. Second the the 8 plus has the best chip in any cell phone. It’s much faster than the A10 chip in the 7 plus. Otherwise good review.

  19. Nowdays Android is very better OS and better when is pure Android, the menu at iOS is terrible

  20. I’m an iPhone 8 Plus owner, ever since it came out and I just can’t understand how someone can say that it has a great camera. It does NOT. Very disappointed with shooting in low light, especially video. Horrible.

  21. I mean if you don’t like iPhone then don’t buy it. Why post bunch of hate comments and insult towards iOS/iPhone, I mean what’s the sense? lol If you don’t like it then don’t buy it, don’t use it. Easy peasy 👌🏻 Btw, Been an android user for so long, and I’ve switched to iOS. Not planning to look back.

  22. Ugh the intro is too long. Get to the fucking point already. You talk too much non sense

  23. I am really enjoying mine.
    Better Speakers 🔊 for sure.
    Better frequency response no doubt. Also the True Tone at night. It is also very fast and smooth with it Apps. Battery life it lasts me all day and night or evening as well. And I can have about 30 percent left when I am finished. All these things are extremely helpful.
    I do most definitely with it had the audio And Head Phone Jack because I always plugged it into my stereo to play my Choir music 🎶 while being able to
    Change it. Maybe I can keep that feature if I purchased a wireless charger. My phone has no issues having trouble with IOS 11.4 and no bugs not choppy no issues. But I just bought this 2 weeks ago
    So it could have some internal upgrades and it is the 256 Gig

  24. interesting to hear that you can see a "noticable difference" in 1080p (RGB) in comparison to 1440p with PenTile… to be correct: The Panel of the 8 Plus is acutally sharper, than the one in the iPhone X and even the Note8s display…
    No one needs 1440p in a phone, especially not with a RGB matrix with LCD. 1440p only drains the battery for not a single reason. You won't notice it. Definitely.

  25. Talk about frame drop….Samsung flagship phones lag and drop frames weeks into it lol…..horrible

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