Apple ipad mini 5 || 10 years old kid playing [PUBG MOBILE] Handcam Gameplay Part 2



My settings*

Graphics – Smooth
Frame rate – Extreme
Style – Colour
Anti aliasing – Disable
Auto adjust graphic – Enable

Device – iPad mini 2019
Controls – 4 fingers
Gyroscope – Always on with full sensitivity.



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  1. Bahut bhadia aur this is 3 figure claw bro amazing, mai 2 figure use karta ho yeh 10 years old boy 3 figure. Bhaut bhadia aur gameplay v perfect hai iska

  2. I am 14 years pro, but my graphics is not going smooth at all😔😔😔
    But your super.

  3. I am 11 years old but don,t have mobile
    so i play on laptop and lags a lot Idk but I am happy with it

  4. Abe saale maaf karna mai gusse mai idhar udhar ho jata hoon🤣don't hate me bro I even love your gameplays

  5. iPad matters not skills
    Edit:Ohh f***k said the in the wrong way I meant that skills matter not iPad 😂

  6. I'm 11 and have a vivo y19 but I haven't played pubg for 1 year since net was banned in Kashmir will download it and play

  7. You are play the game in ipad if ur real pro iam also 10 years iam a android gamer give me a ipad and then i will show you who plays pubg better

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