Apple Carplay & Android Auto Dongle Review

Obviously all audio works perfectly and all functions work.

Must be able to install app on radio for it to work!
Download the App for radio here:

buy dongle here:

CKM YouTube channel:

Keep it simple and relax, Take your time. I’m not responsible if you screw up and damage your car in anyway shape or form. TAKE YOUR TIME.


Due to factors beyond the control of Raymond…


  1. I need someone that can use Apple CarPlay and android autos and actuslly use Bluetooth audio

  2. Hi I need help serious help. I have 2010 C350 doesn’t have USB Port anywhere or aux port but it’s missing something from the glove box.

  3. Try installing head unit reloaded it gives you a nice interface…i installed it on my 7" android radio and as soon a syou plug in your phone it starts android auto automaticly ….

  4. waze is by google. and why this iphone hater dont know what waze is? android users are stupid, they just love to hate

  5. You said you have the Tasker app so your android display connect to the hotspot on your phone automatically. Do you know what app it is for the iPhone?

  6. How do I install the Autokit app? I have no Internet on my android Radio…

  7. do you know if it will work if you already have a head unit like factory installed (2014/2015 hyundai veloster)??

  8. I'm gonna be trying to install 10.25" screen soon or have it installed by a local shop. Would you recommend if I have it installed I request them to pre-install aux/USB connectors in a way I have easy access to them?

  9. will it work if you already have a head unit? like for example in an 2017 nissan sentra? I think they have a 5” screen.

  10. Android Auto was completely revamped 7-30-2019. Comparision no longer valid

  11. How does two Raymond’s work out as brothers? Different middle names? Referring to each other by social security numbers? How does this work lol?!

  12. Almost all units that can do this are Android. But, it's not Google that created the CarPlay interface.

  13. What is that carlauncher? I saw you have app icons one swipe to the right? I just really need that!!

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