Apple AirPod tips you can use (CNET How To)

If you bought a pair of these convenient and wireless earbuds, you may be wondering how to make the most of them — and how to avoid losing them.

11 Apple AirPod tips because you never read the manual:

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  1. Is it safe? When I put on my ear I feel a slightly headache idk why omg i’m getting scared… I tried to use it less but I really like the way it is just that headaches are annoying

  2. How do you have options to control the double tap function of each AirPod? Mine only has options for both airpods at once

  3. I just got AirPods & they are amazing!! 👌🏾 I must say it’s so strange not having to worry about wires 😂

  4. So we’re just going to ignore the Asian chick whipping the AirPod off before she put it in her ear? 😂😂😂

  5. Slow ass day at CNET. If you own an AirPod and don’t know this…’re a moron

  6. these air pods we can use with Apple phone only or we can use other android phone?

  7. People who don't know how to wear them and stick them out of their ears..

  8. Loved how the sharing. She wiped the airpod before putting it in her ear. Not Awkward at all. hahaha.

  9. i thought i was the only one with the little black bars on the lid!!!! after a while dust and debris make their way in and plant themselves into the plastic where the magnets are.

  10. So how do update the form ware? And is anyone else experiencing annoying connection issues? Ever since iOS 11

  11. I lov’em and hate’em. Tech is AWESOME. Deep bass is TERRIBLE. and they don’t stay in your ear canal causing the already weak sound to sound even weaker.

  12. i’ve been wearing my airpods upside down and omg they sound so much better and fit better imo

  13. love how that girl wiped off the AirPods before she put it in her ear

  14. SHE JUST STOLE PARKERS AIRPODS WTF "my airpods" … justice for parker!

  15. You know when you view something on the web where there's no sound at all it's called a webpage. If you make a video why don't you employ somebody to actually speak in the video.

  16. Hey CNET here's an idea for the next video: 

    Apple iPhone tips you can use.
    1- You can turn your iPhone on by pressing the the power button.
    2-You can make Phone calls by going to the phone app and dialling the number. 
    3-You can press the home button to go to the home screen.

  17. CNET new video..iPhone tips you might not know….. You can connect to WiFi with your iPhone…. You can use a camera in your iPhone….

  18. I’m still on the fence of buying this because it doesn’t fit well with my right ear. I can get a rubber earphone adapter but i can’t store it in the case without removing them. Too much hassle

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