AnyCast User Guide 2019, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac and Installation

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We would like to show
how to install AnyCast
how to connect AnyCast to Internet (WiFi router)
how to use AirPlay for iPhone and Mac
how to use Miracast for Android
how to use Google Home App for Android
how to use EZMira App for Android
how to use Miracast for Windows
how to use EZMira Application for Windows


  1. The link to connect to the internet won’t work. How am I supposed to use this if I can’t connect to the WiFi.

  2. My anycast is m2 plus while connecting anycast use passowrd then it showing internet may not availble kindly fix the issue

  3. but Anycast is not working my Samsung s4 mobile….
    some sec content and discounts…plz help me bro…

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