AnyCast Setup Tutorial | iPhone and Android methods | M2 Wireless HDMI Receiver

AnyCast setup using M2 Plus wireless receiver. We show both the iOS and the Android method. Good for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Edge, and all Android devices.

How-to make your device display on the TV!

Buy AnyCast M2:

What I use to make my videos;
– Elgato HD60:
– GoPro Hero 4 (Black Edition):
– Blue Yeti USB Microphone:

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  1. Ty! I bought mine for $8. Good deal works just like Chromecast. The dislikes are from people that don't know know how to use it

  2. What happens when it doesn’t switch from android to iPhone and just stays on the android screen even when I hit the button

  3. I don’t get the any cast on my connection list? Just my regular WiFi that I usually use

  4. Thanks. However, I think it would be a good idea to explain WHY each step is necessary since it's quite a convoluted process.

  5. I use android, it was connected but disconnected few minutes later, and the screen displays that it is on airplay mode, why?

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