Anti Corruption: Behangana Tekkirizidwa Kweyimirirwa, Mbu Yeefula Omukozi Wa Nakalema

#AntiCorruption #NBSUpdates #NBSAmasengejje

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  1. James byehangana is very corrupt man he come to Nansana yesu amala kufamase ya maama wange mbu tumuwe layinsinsi after mbu NFU he wanted 1m to revoke it again RIP man

  2. Brada MISO, what is going on, many people have been complaining for donkey years and no one in the entire security institutions ever wanted to hear the cries of Ugandans. How many people like him are demu kawukumi in the system?πŸ€”is dis for real that action is to take place on demu oppressors? Or is it a curtain being covered over de oppressed?🀐. Lord Jesus Christ, do not hide Your face from the oppressed as many oppressors are jubilating on people's lands, cars, houses, businesses, blood, jobs, you name it. You promised never to forsake us Lord and we put our trust in You Jesus, Amen πŸ™

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