Android10 battery drain issue fixed!


I’ve figured out why the android 10 drains the battery much faster than previous versions. Phone used is a Pixel 2 64GB which is about 2 years old now, but ever since I’ve made changes to the settings as shown my battery life has improved dramatically.


  1. Is it possible it can be the new digital well being app. It's constantly keeping track of everything I use device care already does that. What the hell is Samsung thinking adding extra bloatware.

  2. I go down 1% every 6 , 7 or even 5 minutes just by watching youtube vids

  3. I'm not joking, the very moment I did these instructions my battery went from 3% a minute to a satisfying 1% per 5 minutes. That's amazing. Thank you so much ❤

  4. I have the same problem on my beloved Pixel2 and already replaced the battery (because I thought it's due to a broken battery over time) – just to find your video on the same day. I tried it anyways and hope this will help me as well. Thanks!

  5. I had very bad battery drain but within the last few days ive noticed big changes in battery life. First I factory reset my Pixel 2 XL! Didn't make a difference. Then I realized that Chrome uses a lot of battery and memory. So I downloaded Brave web browser which to me is a seriously great web browser, then I disabled Chrome and use Brave web browser as my default internet browser. Chrome uses location 24/7 so you have to turn it off manually. Then I disabled digital well-being. Next I turned off all notifications for all apps that I really don't care to get notifications from. I turned off automatic brightness. I also turned off haptic feedback! The biggest change however came from disabling Chrome and using brave internet browser Chrome was my biggest problem! After all that, as of right now im at 4hrs and 49 mins of screen on time with 40% battery left on a 2 yr old Pixel 2 XL! Also Turn off automatic app updates in the play store and just update manually when you need to. Hope all that helps but honestly that can help any Android user
    Make sure that Location & Bluetooth are off unless you're using them. If they are on, on a regular that means they are constantly scanning for wifi and Bluetooth signals. Think about it no scanning no battery drain. Turn battery saver on at 30%. Hope all this helps.

  6. My battery was dying super fast. But did a factory reset and now it's sweet as. It hadn't installed the last update correctly and now it has. All fixed.

  7. I have an original XL and this fix doesn't work, my battery is still draining at an alarming rate.

  8. This was a unicorn find. I have a Pixel XL (2016) this helped it a lot. Why would google make the default for every app on your phone to use GPS all the time is beyond me.

  9. This crap happens after every Android update but not everyone is going to experience these issues in my case I just factory reset the phone and it was fine

  10. Thank you! Android force upgraded to 10 and my battery has been so bad with all the background excess like this. It had location running on a bunch of apps when not in use and was always doing bluetooth and wifi scans. Probably trying to get everyone's information for god knows what reasons. I hope this solves the problem!

  11. Thanks, I have a pixel 2 as well and this worked – good job sourcing it out, my battery life was 3-4x worse with the update.

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