Android Video Editing: Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Android Video Editing: Here are the best video editing apps for Android! *** Check out Gear and Apps we’re using:

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– Cyberlink PowerDirector:
– KineMaster – Pro Video Editor:

– How To Edit on Android with Cyberlink PowerDirector:…


  1. I have Huawei p30 lite, and I still can't export in 4k. I've bought power director and kinemaster full pro Versions, but all I get is 1080p as highest resolution.

  2. What would be the best way to record a quality sounding video coming straight from the headphone or output 1 to the android?

  3. Hello, I want to download powerdirector to my PC and it is confusing which one to choose??? Android phone too small for me to deal with? Thanks! Leanora in Colorado

  4. On android I use Video Maker. Its not as technical as Kiemaster etc but totally free, No watermark & you also have layers for video, music, titles, emoji etc. Also has voice over, crop & upload in 1080p…I choose Video editor 🙂❤

  5. Hi Justin I had a question I use the new version of kinomaster and it doesn't let u erase videos from the app and its starting to fill up the internal storage on my phone. I've tried looking for the videos thru storage and folders but I can't seem to find them to erase so I can free up the space again on my phone Could you please help me out thanks.

  6. Hey, im not sure witch apps to use for making aesthetics for tiktok, im on android and i need apps and suggestions

  7. I just got the Galaxy Tab S4 and I was amazed how great it was to edit with KineMaster. Never knew video editing could be so good on a tablet!
    The biggest problem I have with KineMaster is that there's no audio wave under the video and when I tap pause and play, it doesn't do it immediately. It's a tiny bit delayed. Also, there's a bit of an audio fade if the clips are cut too close together. But when I travel, I can leave my laptop at home and bring my Tab instead. Thanks for the video!

  8. No thanks,
    i already found the best editing video app on my andriod device that you do not need to pay for anything it is all free and it is well tested and everyone who download it has given the app 5 stars.

  9. hi can you do an update for the best 2018 video editor on android?

  10. Hey Justin, I appreciate your authenticity and honesty. You give us your opinion with the pros and the cons, so we can make a good decision on our own. I certainly subscribed. Cheers mate!

  11. Hi this is just what I need. Just bought a Note9 with Dex & wanting to make a short video for my counselling practice here in France. Like the nuts & bolts of this including maybe taping the phone to a pile of books! May splash out on a fancy gimbal though. Extra couple of clients & will pay for it!🤔.

  12. EMERGENCY PLEASE RESPOND!!! What if I have an awesome camcorder IR night vision, with sd cards, but I have no laptop to edit, only my phone. Please tell me do I simply put the SD card from camera into phone then edit?? And I do not understand at all how to edit, I know nothing

  13. Do you still recommend these two? I see this video was published '16. Thank you!

  14. Thank you very much, I found this video really helpful and after watching it twice I have agreed to pay £41.80 for kinemaster and to have no watermark on it. I am currently working with videoshow pro and the only problem is that I can't produce landscape videos it doesn't give me a option so I have to stick with portrait videos and bad resolution, just looking at Kinemaster I could see that it is a great editing software and I think it will give a massive impact on my youtube channel. Thanks again for making this video! 😊

    P.S This is not me promoting my channel I just waned to give Justin feedback on how much this video helped me 😁

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