Android User Switches to iPhone 11 Pro for One Month!

I consider myself to be a hardcore Android user. However, this time around I decided to pick up the new iPhone 11 Pro by Apple. I wanted to see how much of an improvement this phone was from the iPhone XS. So this is my review of the iPhone 11 Pro! Enjoy!
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  1. great video! you've got my sub….i'm considering swapping back to iOS from android for the next 2020 release, i just want to see how far apple have come since i last used an iphone which was the 6 plus. if the latest device can win me over, it might be a case they have me falling right into their eco system, we shall see…..

  2. question, changing from android to ios, what generaly stops working? Gmail still work ok?

  3. Why is he talking shit bout the iphone 11 pro camera when the samsung s20 ultra looks like a fridge

  4. I don't have a problem with people choosing iPhone or an Android phone. But I do have a problem with people bashing and hating each other for what they choose. Also, this notion about Android having poor quality cameras and that owning one means you're broke needs to go away

  5. Okay, i was also a hardcore android user, more so with galaxy note phones. There was once when I actually hated the iPhones with passion. Now 2 years later I just couldn't go back to Android I mean where do I start from? am I the only that have issues typing using Android phones? But I guess with over 7B people on this planet everyone has their own preferences iPhones are more secure than android.

  6. So the reason why they didn't get rid of the notch is because they would have to get rid of Face ID too. The notch holds a lot of sensors plus the camera and microphone/speaker. The notch includes the Face ID sensors into a seamless design in that if they were built-in on the screen, you would see weird dots at the top and Face ID wouldn't work as good. Reminding all of you reading this that I am 11 years old and that I should get off Apple's website. Literally. Oh and realising. He mentioned that the Face ID was the reason for the notch. Ok. Just explaining it more I guess. Thanks for reading this! I hope you learned something!

  7. i am an android user (or used to) own an android since android froyo on acer e liquid, then note 2, s4, tab s2 and lastly s10+ before recently using 11 pro max. i do not care about customization even thou i do download themes and different icons also fonts. in the end, i just use the factory setting on the s10+.
    the thing that bothers me on s10+ is the autosync even though u turned the master sync off.also bixby and other samsung apps always bothers you asking to install them, use them or love them more.
    you cant unistall or delete certain apps..and it makes we wondering why this phone is any different than iphone since cant delete cerrtain apps on s10+, actually you dont have total administrative power unlike all the android fans claimed.

    i opened chrome browser on s10+ and it crashed. an apps made by google, for google platform android used in samsung s10+ and it crashed.


  8. If the night can't be turned on and off manualy, how did you take those pictures with it being off ?

  9. In a nutshell, Apple doesn't give shit what haters say about their phones. As long as the iPhones are functional, they're fine and the customer satisfaction is a proof. Whereas phones powered by Android are trying soooooooooo hard year after year to come up with all the gimmick just to pirate long time iPhone users. I've tried to like Android but I can't find one compelling.

  10. I like the notch. I don't have an Iphone for the record, i have a mate 20 lite but thinking about getting an Iphone 11 and not the pro version since that is more expensive than the Iphone 11.

  11. See ,…iPhone is a smartphone , android is a pocket computer …'s that simple .

  12. As long as apple is not putting in an usb-c fastcharger into their phones, Im not going to switch. I hate the lightning port.

  13. The notch can´t be smaller because of the tecnology that face ID uses, they have to improve that and see if they can put it under the screen.

  14. Been ios user from 2009~2011, then switched to Android user from 2011~2020. Recent purchase of S20 ultra forced me to switch to iPhone 11 pro max due to the horrendous camera AF issue. I love I bit the bullet and switched back to ios. Although it is inferior on the spec sheet, it just works much better. Also, native apps on ios are far more usable than android. Even the photo editor app looks professional. On Android, I had to install lightroom mobile and etc. Overall, I love it.

  15. I use both android and iphone. Whichever phone you choose, it will be boring after 3 months.

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