Android User for 10 Years Switches to iPhone 11 Pro for a Week – My Personal Experience

I’ve been an Android user for 10 years and I recently tried switching to an iPhone 11 Pro. My first Android phone was an HTC Eris released in 2006. It ran Android 1.5 Cupcake. My last iPhone was an iPhone 3Gs. I’ve recently owned a Pixel 2XL and my wife had a Pixel 2 (also switched to an iPhone 11.) Before that we had Nexus phones. Here’s our experience.

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  1. Just stumbled across this video, a very nicely done honest overview of the two platforms ( thank you) .
    I have thought on occasion of trying out an apple phone, I have been an Android boy since my first smart phone, a galaxy note 2 ,
    and always been a bit of a galaxy boy but have had lg and google and huawei phones, but always end up back with a galaxy.
    my young brother is tech repairer and It guy.
    Now and again when I mention going to the dark side,
    he says "you will absolutely hate it".
    looking at your video, I think that may be the case, I hate being forced to use stuff I do not want to.
    It occurs to me, that if Apple wants to steal more Android users away, they need to change their attitude of do it my way or else.
    I'll stay with android I think.
    Great video thank you.

  2. So basically if Google could of made a better pixel 4 y'all would of never touched the iPhone

  3. No bullshit when she said "apple has better sprinkles Google has better ice cream" I said that's why he married her and you said it right after πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. I've been android user since the Galaxy Note 1

    And just Switch to IPhone yesterday. I got the
    iPhone 11 pro max . I hope it's worth all the hype

  5. You talk about ScreenCall but it's Pixel only
    I can't get Pixel phones here so it's third party smartphone
    Currently Sony Xperia

    Other than that it's a great video to discover issues than others don't talk about

  6. OMG I love your wife! Apple is good at the sprinkles and Android is good at the ice cream hahaha!!! You guys really helped me with my decision about whether or not I should try Iphone.

  7. I honestly used android for a long time..i hated it. There were too many distractions too much clutter.Iphones are much cleaner

  8. Yeah I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to iOS because of how much I use Google apps and how much I'm tied into those services.

  9. 11:43 incorrect..
    google brings some features last to their ios apps.
    like months after android… specially googlemaps and youtube

  10. I have the lgv60 great phone but I just don't feel it's for me what y'all recommend? Not the s20 plus I didn't like that phone because of the battery

  11. I had such high hopes for Pixel 4, made the switch too. Most frustrating is that iOS doesn't allow sideloading apps and also there's only one volume slider. Siri sucks also compared to Google's voice assistant.

  12. The flashback video from the iPhone 4 was really cute, was nice seeing how far you’ve come πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘Œ

  13. I've been an iphone user since iphone 4. I had ALL of them up to iphone X. Then I bought pixel 3a out of curiosity, plus with heavy discounts and a trade-in i paid $150 for it so why not. I can comfortably say, that the Pixel 3a is the real bargain and should be the "flagship' of the phones, meaning that those people don't even know that they could just buy the Pixel 3a and forget about $800-1k phones, because the little pixel will do everything for them and then some. I miss my pixel 3 a, I'm waiting for Pixel 4a, almost certain buying it!

  14. The baby at the end throwing the Apple sticker had me cracking up 🀣

  15. Every complaint you had for the iPhone 11 Pro is why I don’t and won’t use an iPhone as my main phone. I use a Pixel 3 as my daily driver and an iPad mini 5. I have a iPhone XR for work and I just hate it. What you said about Apple Maps is dead on. Hate it so much! I love what Apple is doing with iPad OS but they need to open up that iOS a bit. It so restricting.

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