Android TV Box How to get the best performance

Android TV Box How to get the best performance, see which apps I use to make the TV Box perform better. Remember if you find a better app let us know.


  1. I have the same box and use Youtube a lot, but I cannot figure out how to get rid of the time and wifi signal strength icon in the top right of the screen. Do you know how to do it? KODI does it automatically. Thanks.

  2. I can't find this app in the play store. I open up the playstore, type in all-in-one toolbox and… nothing.

  3. We have something in common all the app killers I downloaded don't work and my box is rooted. I would download some you pay for but that would be even more depressing if I was out money and they didn't work.

  4. I always liked beelinks home screen. I just got a cloudnetzero cr19 the other day. But I kind of wish I would have went with 2 to 3 lower priced boxes because they all have something negative about them. LOL that way I could have picked one out of the three that had the negatives I could live with the most plus more to play around with.

  5. Thanks Mr. Blaster. Just won this box in a giveaway from @toptutorials I'm pretty familiar with android and modding and hacking, etc but I still found some of your vids regarding this specific box helpful.
    I particularly don't like all in one toolbox but that's just a preference, Sd maid, made by a great developer, is a wonderful application, under app control, you can handle the apps that start automatically. Lastly, task killers? They really aren't needed in android anymore, especially in nougat, they sometimes can even do more damage.

    Good stuff Jerry

  6. Will the LightHome Launcher customizations work with BeeLink GT1 running Android 7.1.2

  7. Jerry, I am using BeeLink GT1 & Kill Apps (in Google Play) by Youssef works great.

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