Android Tips – Best Augmented Reality Games and Apps for Android – DIY in 5 Ep 83

Here are some augmented reality you can experience all from your Android phone!

Recap of VR vs AR
AR is digital information overlaid on top of actual reality. So virtual reality is an entirely digital world and augmented reality is your world just better. If you think Pokémon Go, that’s a really well-known example of Augmented Reality. Another really cool thing about AR is that you don’t need a one thousand dollar headset to experience it. Modern android phones will do just…


  1. Girl, would you mind doing something great for humanity coz u look like Wonder Woman ? If yes. Then please wear a "cat ear headband" in one of your future video. And save humanity

  2. I like AR more than VR. Our world but better. I wish more was going into it though. Even VR isn't as popular as people thought it would be a few years ago when it was really hyped up

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