Android Studio Tutorial – Multi Screen Support

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In this tutorial , i will help you create Adaptive UI with fragment. Very simple 😄

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  1. Every video of your project is superb.. but The sw-600dp layout is not showing in Tab whereas normal layout is showing how to fix it?

  2. Hi sir actually my question is if I'm developing an app so for different sizes I'll have to create different layout but that won't increase the actual size of an app ??

  3. sir my app run on emulter nexus 4 is perfect but when i run on m y siny xperia z is not fit on screen what should i do please help

  4. This is ridiculous. He's at work, yet he's doing this video project. So he ends up compromising himself because there's NO VOICE!!! He should realize that his viewers – for a TUTORIAL – cannot assume what an expert assumes.

  5. If this video talking about supporting multi screen sizes, so why you are creating project from scratch !! it's very boring especially there is no voice.
    Just concentrate on the video subject .

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