Android Studio For Beginners Part 1

This video will demonstrate (1) how to setup a project in Android Studio, (2) how to navigate within Android Studio to build a simple Android application, and (3) how to debug and run an Android app.

Here is a link to my entire Android series of videos:


  1. I did the same example as shown in the video but my editTexts were joined together in the top corner. Everything was clogged in the view. How do I change it?

  2. 19:49: What do I do if it says troubleshoot. it fully says “ enable VT – x in your BIOS security settings, ensure that HAXM is installed properly … etc” Can someone or the creator of this video pls help me please

  3. I almost sleep for hour after watching this XD, also this is my brother acc don't tell anyone

  4. You need to think about catching user errors…. try (IO + II) which is actually supposed to be (10 + 11) but instead they typed letters. or even leaving empty spaces

  5. hi,

    I am a beginner in Android programming and I would like to have a tutorial on awareness APIs (snapshot and fence) if possible

  6. Please guide me that I created first Application in Android studio but it gave me error that Error running 'app';.No target device found while running an android studio application .

  7. One of the best videos for beginners to getting started with Android Studio, especially 13 first minutes of showing around the tools. Keep it going !

  8. Can we make it clear at the top that this tutorial is no good for Kotlin (new) versions of Android Studio please. Shame I couldn't use it, you're a good tutor.

  9. Can we make it clear at the top that this tutorial is no good for Kotlin (new) versions of Android Studio please. Shame I couldn't use it, you're a good tutor.

  10. I have a problem it says that "MainActivity" has no class and when i try to fix it with the little light bulb icon it makes an error message

  11. Nice tutorial this tutorial help me to get into the app development industry thank you very much

  12. Every time I add a hint it says use a @string and its driving me mad as to why it is doing this? Help please…

  13. Emulator: emulator: WARNING: EmulatorService.cpp:448: Cannot find certfile: C:Users….androidemulator-grpc.cer security will be disabled.

    Emulator: Started GRPC server at

    can you help me fix this?

  14. THank you so much for this. Only recently did my university make us start learning Android Studio. Its been 3 weeks in and we haven't done anything yet, so I came here and I got a decent grasp now.

  15. Great video–pace, focus points, production values–and very helpful. Would add (in my extremely limited experience) using the code autocomplete may be necessary after a 'Build failed' message, in order for the compiler to recognize a particular package class Thanks Bill!

  16. I have a huge problem! The starting code in MainActivity is all different on my end and it won't let me do a lot of stuff like you say on the video!!! Am I on another version ? I just downloaded android studio and I'm confused.

  17. Totally good video, pace is slow but if you want it faster , you can always put it into 1.25x or 1.5x and its still great. concise and to the point. Thankss 😀

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