Android Secret Codes to Speed Up Your Phone!!

Secret codes to make your Android Samsung phone work Faster Hidden Secret settings that make any Android device speeding up without installing any apps or software. If your Android phone has slowed down over time, you can make it run faster by this amazing secret trick will Increase Android Mobile Phones Speed.

This video shows you How to speed up any slow Android device for increase you productivity and for a better gaming experience, this method is free and without using any…


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    Android Secret Codes to Speed Up Your Phone!!

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  2. Thank you , my Galaxy A6 is smoth now, without turning on developer option

  3. What statistics should I see to know that this works and how and where to see it bro? I did it and cant feel anything that is working

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  6. The things that this guy do is correct
    He turn off the animation scale to 0.5 is to reduce the animation of the phone so the phone doesnt consume more power and dont lag ur phone a little bit but some of you will do this and u want your phone run a bit faster for gaming is to scroll down in developers option and and find (4× MSAA) and turn it on thats all thanks.

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  11. Why on earth would we need to dial that number since the dev options already exists? I have my animations turned off completely.

  12. Hey somebody help me? How to fix samsung note 5 audio run into slow motion in all apps. Thanks

  13. Is this speed up android is safe?Because the developer said it can cause error to the device.I tried it.
    It was so fast.

  14. Sir koi aisa Android secrate Code nhi hai jisse ki phone On Ho But switch off Btaye but Humein Saari Information milti rhe kaun call kr raha hai

  15. Yeah lol do this if u want to get more Errors and lags have u seen his device close to end were lagging? If u do this on samsung thats Not Good just turn on 4x MSAA OpenGL ES 2.0 and u will run more faster Apps

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