Android Secret Code to Increase Battery Life!!

How to Increase battery life of Android Phone by this Secret codes make your Android battery last longer. Try these tips to extend, boost & save the life of your device’s battery. Stop Fast Battery Draining issue in any Android Phone by Calibrate battery drainage problem is starts because your device doesn’t calculate the information of your battery and cannot gives better backup whether your phone is Rooted or not. This Code works with Samsung for HTC, Motorola, LG, or any other…


  1. I have to add a post to this. I accidentally crossed a wire while testing. My power supply for my raspberry pi. It restarted my phone which was on 5% came back on at 55% which led me to this video

  2. Hai code mobiistar phone sathi nhi use hot ahe … tr mobiistar cha ky code ahe battery life vadhvach please … sanga

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  4. I use this technique I charged 100% and I start using 99%draining1% charge in second

  5. I have completed the steps but I have not seen a difference in my battery what gives?

  6. Wow really amazing.. its hundred percent working thank you😘🕺🕺

  7. "Android Secret Code to Increase Battery Life!!" The code *#0228# does not work on my Hisense T5 Plus dude. Is there another code? Please let me know.
    Thank you

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