Android Screen Recording: How to record your Android screen (2 Ways!)

Learn how to record your Android screen: The 2 best Android screen recording solutions for phones and tablets! *** FREE Guide to Filming Pro Videos with Android:

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Reflector App [Win & Mac]:

DU Recorder [Android]:



  1. So how do they get the picture in picture video 1 of the game play & other of me is it a app 4 such a thing or do i have to have a cpu of some sorts?

  2. The link for DU recorder does not work.

    Also I have problem recording with FPS 25
    I set the FPS to 60 or 40 and still when I open the file in video editor, it shows an fps of less than 20

  3. Not sure I understand the explaination. I want to know if there is a way to record something from my tv to my android either with an app or with a hard cable connection

  4. LetsView is a good free alternative to Reflector if you don't want to shell out the Money
    A good free alternative for Du Recorder is "Screen Recorder – No Ads" for android.

  5. Can anyone tell me how to record internal audio in the Android pleaaase

  6. Your video is well explained now im going to download the app to see how it works , hopefully as easy as your vid.

  7. I hope DU recorder is as good as it looks. I am a mobile gamer and I want to get 100 subscribers this year. Thanks

  8. Hi Justin , I got a question , how do I record video to online ? let say , I recorded a crime but my phone got stolen , is there a program or app i can record online ?

  9. I am not able to record voice in a zoom call. Could you please suggest what to do for getting audio recording.

  10. Is the app fรถr Free or not? I can't find where I can show my pretty face during videos๐Ÿ‘

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