Android Screen Mirroring – The Complete Guide!

Learn how to mirror Android to TV, PC and Mac! Complete Android Screen Mirroring tutorial, with everything you need to easily record, livestream or share your Android screen.

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► Reflector:
► Airserver:

► Google Chromecast:

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  1. Any idea why the connect app is not working? It connects with my phone but it gets blocked at "is about to project" and thats all. Nothing happenes.

  2. Is there any solution to have touch screen on second monitor? Like control phone but in bigger screen (like android auto?)

  3. Nice information but You can easily record the live stream or inbuilt laptop miracast video by simply press ""windows key + G" in windows 10. thanks

  4. My monitor has a external speaker, once hooked up with HDMI the sound from the phone won't play through it ?????

  5. Reflector 3 is not available for Chromebook. Reflector 2 has horrendous reviews averaging at 1.3 stars. I would prefer to use a great mirroring app rather than buying more external hardware (Chromecast). Any recommendations?

  6. I have found that LetsView is a good free alternative to the paid software in this video. It works in a practically the same way and you even have a record function too.

    A good 3rd party choice if that Microsoft Connect miracast thing refuses to work.

  7. Hi,
    When mirror or smart share my phone to the TV, it is very dim lightning. How do I brighten it?

  8. Is there an adapter I can use to mirror to a TV from a Galaxy j7 pro 2018?

  9. When using the built in Windows mirroring function, for me it automatically goes into full screen and I don't see a way to make the window smaller so I can use obs. Do you know how to fix this? Thanks

  10. I downloaded that google home app, there is no button there and there is no screen mirror option,

  11. So.. apparently the newest update of 10 doesn't offer MiraCast. I've been to the MS store, nothing. And smart view won't connect to my pc. It keeps saying "sound only." I've also tried using Google Home (also absent on the newest build of Android, so I downloaded it particularly for this), but even there it won't connect. Um.. please halp..? TYSM! ♥♥

  12. What about when there's no wifi network present? IE no router. I want to use one phone screen as a remote monitor while my better newer phone is recording video on a gimbal mounted on an extension boom a couple of meters long. The "receiving" phone is on a simple bracket near the bottom of the boom. So I can see exactly what is being recorded and so avoid wasting recording time with badly framed shots. Make sense? The phones are both Galaxy types, an S8 doing the shooting on the gimbal and an S6 as monitor screen only.. Can a mere wifi link between these phones accomplish the above?

  13. its neat my phone has no cast options in the settings. And when I load up the google home app the cast options in the bottom right have also been removed. Seems like companyies really want to stop people from connecting phones to your pc monitor.

  14. Chromecast still Lags!! I use my s10 to play games with an emulator and a controller and it still lags behind making me have to look at my android screen brcusse the lag is too great on the TV/Chromecast

  15. This helped so much! Thanks a lot! I can finally stream some art stuff from my tablet!

  16. Lol!!!oh ya, all you have to do is enable screen mirroring, God damn pixel 3a doesn't have it!!! ONLY CHROMECAST

  17. If my android cell (I'm not using a laptop juat a android cell and roku) has smart view, why I so I air server or the other one? If it is needed, is there a good free one? All I wanna do if watch youtube videos on a bigger screen. I'm not recording or anything. I'm doing the screen mirroring now and there is a lot of glitchy with the audio. Anyway to fix that?

  18. Do you get audio from the android phone to play on the computer or is it just screen?

  19. Mirroring should be as simple as touching a button. This is my 5th video and still not able to mirror. It's unbelievable how selfish these companies are.

  20. I Downloaded the Google home app on my android and I couldn't find the mirror device option at all.. Freakin app is complicated

  21. Im struggling to get the internal audio to come throughon stream. The video worksbut it never plays audio in anymethod i try. Hellpp!

  22. Great tutorial but I'm struggling to connect my android phone to my android tablet. Any suggestions of good apps to try?
    Thanks and happy new year x

  23. Thanks for the info. What I am looking for is some way of live mirroring an app from 1 Android tablet to 3 others. To be precise, 1 app running GuitarSongs as a "master" and the 3 other tablets need to run as "slaves" – seeing exactly what the Master is running. (for a 4 piece band). Any ideas please !

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