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We’ve talked about how to flash an image using ROM Manager, but if you’re more comfortable with a keyboard and mouse, fastboot might be easier for you to use. You’ll need to be aware of some limitations and details before you dig in. Hit play, and let’s find out just what it take to flash an image using fastboot.

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  1. i have a lg v20 have access to fastboot and have  original kdz file. my device Is hardbricked and lgup is not picking my device up. any way to flash this kdz with fastboot.

  2. easiest way ? please iam using an moto x force and this made the phone to delete every fucken os possible as soon as i flash it and wouldn't let me enter the phone .. and you say its fucken easy

  3. Hi,
    very useful stuff. It would be nice if you could explain the meaning of all the img files.
    Maybe this will answer some question like…
    1) Do I need them all?
    2) Where do I get them from
    3) Can I somehow pull the img from the phone in the current status to do some sort for backup?


  5. I reboot into stock recovery using POWER BUTTON + VOLUME UP BUTTON, I release the power button when screen turns on than I select update via adb (or similar command) than I attempt to flash my system.img to fix my BRICK or BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH device.


  7. thank you very much I had been trying to fix my bricked blu studio 7.0 lte for so long. great job

  8. sir can i flash any custom recovery in any phone with this method or i have download phone same recovery to flash it????

  9. When I write that it says
    erasing "system"…
    FAILED (removte: uknown command)
    Finished: Total time 0.008s

  10. hey my phone imstalled a driver and it says( downloading do not turn off target )
    what do i do next?

  11. hey i have a problem with my dl600 alcatel 4030a it's not moving from bootloader can you help me please../

  12. plz help me getting rom kk4.4 for xperia sl
    there is no kitkat rom available for xperia sl
    i tried using xperia s rom but it didnt worked

  13. flasboot flash system ? system.img

    what's the ? in the command line.


  14. I'm hoping you can help me. I have an Acer A500 that is rooted and running Thor's TegraOwner's version of JB. The tab is stuck at the password screen and isn't responding to any key presses. I tried to reset it with the reset button as well as the Power&Volume+ method. When I go through the Power& Volume+ method I tried to flash the recovery but there doesn't seem to be an image because it just hangs. Can you give me instructions to install a recovery image in fastboot? Thanks much!

  15. try this:

    google ''nexus 4 stock system image'' and follow the guide from androidcentral forum

    for some reason your new CyanogenMod system image isn't working. This link will show you how to flash a stock system image and you will be back to the beginnig 😉

  16. Hi.. I need your help please. my nexus 4 is rooted and i tried to flash CM10 and i think its successfully done but when i reboot my phone, it get stuck on CM logo on starting. Im afraid my phone is not broke or something. So how can i copy something into phone memory so i can flash it by recovery mod.. please help me, i will really appreciate it.. thanks

  17. when you want to flash boot a kernel on your device(mine:xperia acro s) do i have to open command window prompt at where my android sdk are placed, cause i fastbooted my kernel on desktop and it hardbricked my device 🙁 , just wanna know what's the reason, and do you have any idea how to fix cause it's not going into flashmode or fastboot or anything so the computer can't recognize it :(((,,,,any help is appreciated

  18. I'm running into a problem the games that I so love playing on Facebook requires flash the solution that she gave up on this video really help me out a lot now after a month goes by it is saying that I need to have the latest version of Flash to run this game on Facebook the game is my Vegas please help me

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