Android Performance Patterns: Why 60fps?

When trying to build the most performant application possible, it’s important to know why so much effort and attention is built into the hardware, system, and APIs to target the “60fps” target. In this video Colt McAnlis walks you through how the human visual system works, and why 60 frames a second is the perfect target to shoot for to keep your users happy, and worry free.

Watch more Android Performance Patterns here:


  1. Can you give us the power consumption difference of 60 fps and 16 fps?

    I do enjoy 60 fps, provided that:
    1, it does not get my phone to over 40 degree Celsius,
    2. it does not drain so much battery which anchor me to a cable or handcuff me to a battery pack.

  2. Thank you for supporting captions Arabic now i understanding
    sorry for my bad English😆

  3. devices having mediatek helio soc plays every videos in 60 fps it's having miravision pls develop a software which interpolates frames to play every videos in 60 fps

  4. Hey did you know you can watch 60fps videos on mobile now

  5. Funny considering lollipop still has fps issues within the ui, also play music is actually like <30 fps at times. Using a G2, so cant really say its the hardware

  6. We want this app ! Google Play Music is so laggy and buggy :c
    Unless it's another Keynote bluff…

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