Android Nougat 7.0 Tips and Tricks – How to Change Lock Screen & Home Screen Wallpaper on Android N

Android N brings a lot of new features that are very unique and different from Android Marshmallow too. There are many tweaks done in various steps. Lets see a new tip on how to change lock screen wallpaper on Android N.

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  1. Thank YOU so really works..i changed my lockscreen wallpaper and then i uninstalled the google now launcher…xd

  2. You speak too fast! We native American English speakers do not speak the English language that fast, and it is VERY hard to understand when you speak that quickly. I know that in your native language(s) in India (I'm guessing) you speak very quickly, but in rest of the English-speaking world we do not speak English like we are firing full-automatic on a machine gun!

    I could not follow you because you spoke too quickly and mumbled some of what you spoke too quickly. You need to learn to SLOW DOWN and ENUNCIATE your English if you want to do these videos outside of English-speakers from your country who are no doubt used to lightning-fast English spoken in a Hindi/Urdu/etc/–fast way.

    All I wanted to know was how to set multiple lockscreen wallpapers in Nova Launcher (because somehow they stopped changing with Nougat) without having to re-engage TouchWiz Launcher and then re-engage Nova Launcher— but I can't understand you, so this video is a FAIL.

  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 with the new Nougat update. It is pretty spiffy, but I wish I could change the call theme to green and orange like on the old update.

  4. Thank you . it worked! the only other thing I don't like is the voicemail on the Nexus 6p. it's old school with holding down the 1 button and it calls your own number lol. anyways around it or maybe an app ?

  5. can you show me on zenpad 7 lolipop version i can't change my lockscreen wallpaper it thesame

  6. Thank you so much for the video. Was losing my mind trying to change my lockscreen to the same wallpaper.

  7. I use Nova launcher and was getting frustrated not being able to change my lock screen. Thanks to your video my frustration has finally ended. Than you!

  8. thanks, been trying to figure out how this happened to my Nexus lockscreen for ages and find the option. Lots of sites talk about the option but don't illustrate how exactly to navigate to it.

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