Android M: Flash Guide + Root & Busybox! (Preview 2)

Android M P2 – ADB Fastboot flash guide, plus root & busybox!

**Make sure to create the ADB folder on the proper drive to simplify the flash process!**

M Developer Preview:
ADB Installer:
HC Kernel:


SuperSU 2.49:

Busybox on Rails:
Simple Reboot:…


  1. Nice video! This stock kernel encrypt the phone? Why you didn't flash the hells core kernel form fastboot in the beginning?

  2. I am already on preview 2. I just need to root…Where do I start to root without flashing the preview gain??

  3. It'd be nice if you could make a video about gravity Box or Xui or any tweak video for Lollipop.Thanks

  4. After the WARNING corrupt screen comes up at the end, my device does not continue to boot. It just black screens. I followed the video exactly. hmmm. Not sure what went wrong. I guess I'll try again xD

  5. Thank you for this video. I wasn't planning to run Android M because of the difficulty in rooting as well as forced encryption, etc. But this has helped a great deal.

  6. Hi Mike thank for the Awesome video. My question is how do i get read and write access to the system files..every time i try to delete system app it tells me that i dont have write access to the the system files..please advise

  7. Honestly I'm having a hard time choosing which ROM and kernel to use, I want great battery life, at the same time not loose too much performance, can you help?

  8. I'm getting a your device may be corrupt and can't be trusted notification on boot. I found a small thread on this, but can't get it to go away. Any ideas?

  9. Not able to see if anyone asked this question yet, but what would be the difference getting preview 2 this way or just going with the custom version from JDX, which is better?

  10. great tutorial ..thank you !..very helpful for flashing all custom roms , with fastboot and adb commands.

  11. Great video, but I can't seem change /system files even though the app I am using (ESFE) has root access.  Also, layers manager app isn't installing my layer theme.  Any ideas?

  12. Loved the video. It was very informative and thorough. It was supper easy to follow.

  13. Just for future reference, an easier way to fill in the full name for the files you're flashing in fastboot is to either type the first few letters of the item, then hit tab. This will fill in the rest automatically and ensure that you type it right. Alternatively you can also just type(for example) "fastboot flash bootloader" and then drag the bootloader file into the command window. This will automatically fill in the info as well.

  14. The only problem I had was flashing the system img. For some reason it said "can't load system.img" and fails. I'm going to give it another go tomorrow.

  15. Nice to see you back. Was worrying, as you wasn´t posting anything during the last weeks. 🙂

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