Android Lollipop – Xiaomi Mi3 ! (Fix random reboots guide)

Lollipop Rom downlod Links –


Google Drive –
Dev Host –

Gapps :-

CWM recovery –

(Download and use R8 zip only)

If that doesn’t work then
1] Extract the recovery.img file from zip.
2] Boot into fastboot mode {volume down + power}
3] Give command ” fastboot flash recovery recovery.img ”

I’ve a video showing that for Redmi 1s here –
Fastboot method starts at…


  1. in the above discription i didnt find any file named Android L and in recovery mode u flashed a file named Android L
    can u please clarify that..

  2. thanks pal for the tutorial and make videos like flashing custom rom from stock and vice versa… it would be helpful for people wanted reverting back to stock rom… keep up good work buddy

  3. Hi, im not able to select the CWM recovery
     from updater as after selection its showing some error

  4. Hi i was on Ivan's lollipop rom. and i tired to revert back to ACIP rom. I've flashed the rom ACIP logo appeared but then just a blackscreen. So i Saw ur video and installed MIUI through fastboot but it just stuck on Mi logo and for some seconds it just show up with the setup scren and again goes to Mi logo. Plx help me to revert back to ASOP rom. Thanx in advance…

  5. hii  After installing this lollipop,if we dont like it then we can get back the original MIUI

  6. CWM sucks…my phone got chinese language,no Lollypop,& apparantly no Settings menu….what should i do..If you are in Pune plz help me

  7. hi db…. .i have downloaded this rom as per ur instructions & its working quite good….but i am facing kinda seriouse prob & that is my screen is keep waking whenever i keep in pocket….plzz help me

  8. brother when i tried to update with cwm r8 it say it is not working press ok to reort to engineers plz help i even tried with r11 but same problem !

  9. I flashed the ROM and its working fine but what concerns me is that whenever my phone is locked and if the back or menu button is pressed the phone turns on,is it a feature or a bug and is there a fix for this?? Please help

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