Android Kotlin Beginner Tutorial (Google I/O '17)

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Kotlin is an expressive, concise & powerful development language on Android. In this Android & Kotlin tutorial you’ll learn everything you need to know to start developing apps with Kotlin. No coding experience required! You’ll have fun developing a full scale Dinner Decider app using pure Kotlin.

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  1. amazing… I learn a lot from this video. specially constraint and UI design and also I learn about some basic knowledge that I was looking for. you explain detail by detail and that is great.. anyway love it from Somalia.. thank you for your hard works we appreciate yuh alot.

  2. Hi , Very nice tutorial. Would this project work with later versions of Android Studio;Kotlin ? I am unable to compile the same.
    Any advice ?

  3. Actually how to get rid of the ugly bar on top of the app, it makes the whole thing looks beta

  4. Unresolved reference: selcetedFoodTxt what could i do wrong ?

  5. Awesome video..I had never used android studio and never touched kotlin before, but after seeing this tutorial, I am confident that I can make apps. Please make more videos, you have a skill for teaching in very easy way.
    People who think they didn't learn anything from this video.Maybe it was your fault.
    (Edit – I finished my first app…Thanks!!)

  6. very good, thank you. for constraint, there is absolute sized and pourcent/relative size one position… some of them serial linked. but, anyway, it seems to be clear when we see the constraint representation.

  7. Very good tutorial for android beginners. Thanks a lot for explaining things in such a simple and systematic way.

  8. I think this is one of the best Kotlin tutorials for beginners. I have learned a lot!!! I love the explanation of him!!!

  9. Hi ! thank you for this tuto. For those who have error on Line 18

    val random = Random()

    you just have to remove the parenthesis.
    val random = Random

  10. Wonderful lesson, just what i was searching for to start. The only thing didn't like was explaining how it was in java, i don't think any of us need it, just more info to remember. This was wonderful lesson, the first one that explained how to use Android Studio with kotlin. Thank you.

  11. I have been struggling to find a tutorial that delivers the very basics of android studio since all of the others are expecting more of you. You saved me.

  12. A question: How can I add more attributes at the right side window(AS 3.0)? I'm missing e.g. fontFamily, textSize and more… Thanks

  13. so aren't there more video of this tutorial?? i really enojy his way of teaching

  14. package com.example.test

    import android.os.Bundle
    import android.view.View
    import java.util.*

    class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {

    val foodlist = arrayListOf("…", "Hamburger", "Pizza", "Steakhouse", "Indian")

    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

    decideBtn.setOnContextClickListener {

    val random = Random()
    val randomFood = random.nextInt(foodlist.count())
    selectedFoodTxt.text = foodlist.get(randomFood)



    I get "Expected a value of type Boolean" , why pls help

  15. First off its a great video for a newbie like me. I have a question. After building the array if I want to remove a item how do I do it. Also if I accidentally pressed add food, its saving a blank item. How to avoid that. Thanks

  16. Your 'Dinner Decider' app should have been called 'Magic ATE Ball'

  17. Nice tutorial, however I would suggest showing users how to set up an emulator and run their code right at the very beginning!!

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  19. how write code in java viewPager.addOnPageChangeListener( object : ViewPager .0nPageChangeListener override fun onPageScrolled(position: Int, positionOffset: Float, positionOffsetPixels: Int) { val progress = (position + positionOffset) / pageCount lottieView.setProgress(progress ) thanks

  20. how to write this code in java.

    val layout = itemView as ConstraintLayout val collapsed = ConstraintSet() val expanded = ConstraintSet() collapsed.clone(layout) expanded.clone(layout.context, R.layout item_expanded
    TransitionManager.beginDelayedTransition(layout) expanded applyTo(layout)

  21. That was so great and useful! Thank you so much. I really enjoyed you teach Android first and the code that are useful in it!

  22. how do i make the top part (dinner decider text + battery, wifi and signal) and bottom part (the android controls) appear on my layout preview? for me its all just white background

  23. Appreciate your work but you talk too much and do so little you should overcome this.

  24. I never saw something so stupid in my life, he talks about just one line of code.

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