Android Kinect Hack – Cheap iPhone In Production – Movies on iPhone!

I, Sam Caplat, can be found here: and here:

Android Kinect Hack:

Apple might make iPhone cheaper:

Warner compiles movies into apps:

Music courtesy of Podington Bear:


  1. Don't do apps 😛 to meany you tubers are spanning off and doing junk like that it is getting lame and I find myself not looking at there vids as often

  2. yes! review some android apps. not for me, but for those who are afraid to search that good ol' market. forget ios, since over 50% of their apps have a price, vs. android at around 30%.

  3. For us Americans, Could you please explain what is "train station" and for the nerds please define "her" thank you

  4. Honestly I wouldn't care that much for app reviews. Maybe if you had it as a part of an episode it would be nice but not complete episodes on like 5 apps per episode. Just my thought.

  5. Like this if you watch this show because:
    a) you like mobiles
    b) you like sam's cute/sexy looks

  6. As the language we speak is "English" and I'm from "England" then I'd go with Colour. America figured English wasn't a complex enough language and so spiced things up and changed a few spellings here and there. I think it worked well? – Paul

  7. Please do not waste time reviewing apps….There is enough hardware news to fill the time. I like the format the way it is now.

  8. you could connect your iPad to your tv 😀 but 10 dollaz is ALOT yeah just make m 4 or 5! 😀

  9. Apps are idk I guess u could have app of the say and then best app of the week it'll make the show kooler

  10. app reviews would be awesome! I just got an iphone and it would be awesome if tehkseven could give me some suggestions on what apps are worth downloading.

  11. App reviews would be awesome! Make sure to include a very good share of android apps as it's the BEST operating system on a phone! Too bad tehkseven isn't the same since Jon left.

  12. @runehigh1 I *might* review some apps too. I've got an iPhone 4, Nexus S, Nokia N8 and an HD 1080p Camcorder AND I download games like they're going out of fashion, so it makes sense. Now I just have to get comfortable with how I sound on video. I'm still in the denial stage. I DONT sound like that! haha – Paul

  13. If "we" would start rewieving apps ? 0o I yhought your the only one on the channel

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