Android Hacking over WAN (Remote) using Metasploit & Ngrok

Free ethical hacking training Learn android hacking after generating malicious APK using msfvenom on Kali Linux. You will also set …


  1. The session lasts only for few seconds. After that it shows the timedout opterror. What's the reason for this?

  2. Thank you so much sir for the video it works with me. please can you make us another video how to combine malicious apk with real application?

  3. Sir, if i shutdown linux & victim install this app after some days later then how can i get connection on that phone? Please sir give your valuable advice.

  4. Yo bro does it work even when the Device is offline. And can it be deleted by Anti-Virus??
    If yes, then can you please make a video about making a metasploit apk file virus undetectable?

  5. WAN mean the same wireless wifi or we can hack any phone in different city ?

  6. Thanks, but i got Error: No options

    MsfVenom – a Metasploit standalone payload generator.

    after i put the command line. whats the problems can you help?

  7. Hey, How you transferred the apk to android. When I mail the apk, it gets deleted. Could you suggest solution for this

  8. That's too tough for the beginners, plz make an easy tutorial explaining each and every step for beginners that would be great

  9. Sir i recommend you to make another channel which is on urdu language
    Because many guys want to learn hacking but their English is lil bit weak like lol
    Btw keep it up irfan bhi allah apko or apki family ko khush rakhy ameen😍♥️

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