Android Guide & Tips for New Users (For Beginners Only)

This video is meant to help new Android smartphone users. Today I still get non android users wanting to know more about Android and based on negative comments are scared of getting an Android smartphone. I get these questions every time.
I recommend Android users to help those that don’t know, instead of making fun of them for being non Android savi.



  1. You have taught me to question why use an app for calls and texts when the phone itself does that…

  2. This video shows what you may be able to do but does not show how to do it. Like: Turning it on. or hold an icon longer to activate a service. . .

  3. get to the point, how are we supposed to show old people how to user their phones?

  4. I just bought a new table and wondering why the instructions pictures don't match the screen that I have. Sure makes it harder to learn..

  5. ok so I was fooling with my keyboard..and on top I could change to lg keyboard or google voice..i touched I don't have the icon on top left and im stuck with just lg keyboard no google voice..can someone help?

  6. hey, liked your video, i am a newbee to this stuff. ya i have seen them around but not until recently did i own one. i now feel like i need android for dummies book, oh ya do you remember books, made of paper, and are not downloadable, like i had moving from dos to windows. i must say i was real reluctant to move to windows so many years ago. i kept a dos data base running all the way through my professional career. learned how to make it dance using all it's bells and whistles linking customer's, to bids, to wiring diagrams, monitoring form, billing, money flow and taxes, and then needed to learn access to accomplished in windows what i built in dos. such a pain in the wazooo. i feel like i am at the beginning again with this android pro7 tablet thing, bought for me for my 69th birthday. i am beginning to think the about using it as door stop or something. i just don't know how to use this bloody thing. short tap, long tap, hold it down and slide, all these terms you use that are gibberish to me. can you point me in a direction that will tell and old man that thinks he has got the background and basic understanding of computers how to move into these type of devices. i am presently feeling rather lost, i want something more than poke and play, Steve

  7. thank u so much for the video. do you know how to edit the picture to make your videos larger on an Android phone note 4 I am having trouble that my videos have got smaller I went into my settings and fix a couple things but somehow when I upload my videos on YouTube🎥 they are smaller than the screen.😭 i love ur videos😍and i subscribe to your channel i hope u can subscribe back 😉.

  8. I do not care anything about any of the apps specifics, nor screen colors etc.  For now, as a beginner, just want to how to operate the machine.  Glad it said how to change the battery, but it is not clear how to turn it on, turn off, increase & decrease volume, screen brightness, how to make the screen stay on instead of going off every minute, etc.

  9. I just got the Andiod today,now I looked over the book and found I can not read it. Anyway, I need to find out what password goes. I Ethernet , DSL ,[ I NOT WIRELESS]

  10. Thought the video and voice was presented well. Took notes. Could use some 'How to get from here to there' on the phone.

  11. Hi, I would like to know how to make "chrome" bookmark sync? n how the desktop install app can air to mobile? thanks:)

  12. If this is for beginners, then you are out of touch. You moved way too fast and used terms I didn't know. Some of us are true beginners. I will keep looking.  I am looking for true basics.  Not at all helpful.

  13. What's the widget that you have on three home screen that has the time weather and battery?

  14. Hi Marc,

    Very helpful. My unlocked GSM Samsung SII 19100 Android is making a horrible squawking alarm seemingly at random, making calls impossible. The only way to turn it off is by tapping the wifi icon. Even silent mode doesn't silence it. No security or alarms installed except there is a message that is displayed saying it is protected, which I entered via Owner information. Changed SIM a week or so before this started. Any ideas???? Making me crazy.

  15. Whats the name of the clock widget your using on your GS3? Looks very nice! Beautiful widget.

  16. @TheKikiuz Go to settings then scroll down to about phone & Look at Android Version. Ice cream Sandwich is 4.0.1. To make folder you have to press the settings key and choose Create Folder , once done u can drag apps in it.

  17. I have a Galaxy SIII, how do I know if it is Ice Cream Sandwich or other? How can I make my phone have folders for the apps? Thanks, nice video! 🙂

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