Android Development Tutorials #25 – How To Add Admob Ads To Make Money On Android Part 2

The 25th Android Development Tutorial in the new Android Development Tutorial series. Here we go over adding ads with Admob.

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  1. If you want to implement ads from any network into your project in a matter of minutes, check out how Enhance can help you!
    Implement & update multiple SDKs in a few simple steps with Enhance :

  2. This was a cool video! such good explanations, I almost want to code an app instead of just design the UX and UI. hmmm

  3. Can you make a video explaining all the different adds you can place in an android app?

  4. Not sure why but im getting an Exception raised during rendering: com/google/android/gms/ads/AdView : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 :/

  5. Does anyone happen to know of any monetization platform that works with flash? As of right now all I can get to work is adsense and MOTDgd banner ads. I would really like to get adMob ads working in flash apps if possible.

  6. Hi, is there anyone who could help me with putting admob banner to my app? I didn't manage. He/She can remote via my laptop. Looking forward for your replies. Thank a lot!

  7. @ LevelUpTuts

    Great video man but I have one problem

    In my layout I can see AdView set as banner and I see where my ads are but when i run emulator my ads are not showing. If you could help me that would be awesome.

    Thx ahead 😀

  8. Rendering Problems The following classes could not be instantiated:
    – (Open Class, Show Exception)

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  10. John, I will be starting the next set of Android Tutorials using Android Studio. I'll make sure to include adding Admob with Studio as one of the videos.

  11. I figured it out tuts. Just added folder libs to the project, included the jar file in libs, … then in the Studio explorer set libs as library. After that just followed your steps. And for some reason crashes with api 18 so use 17. Hope this helps anyone . Thanks for your tutorial , couldnt have done it without it.

  12. This is a great question. This is one of the reasons I've been so conflicted about not using Android Studio for these videos. Once I go over publishing to the market, I'll move over to Android Studio and hopefully cover all of this stuff.

  13. Hello Tuts. Great videos my man. Can you help me ?I am trying to do the same thing you did here with Android Studio 0.2.10. I cant find the steps on how to implement Admob to my Android Studio app. Anything I find is for Eclipse. Would you be able to guide us that use Android Studio? Thank you.

  14. Hello my friend. This is a great video.I am trying to learn with Android Studio ver.0.2.10 since it is the future of Android programming . I do not know Eclipse. Would you know how to implement Admob ads on a project Built with Android Studio 2.10 ? Any information I find is for Eclipse. Do you know how to add Admob ads to Android Studio project?.

  15. where are the next videos? your videos helped me a lot! Expecting more tutorials. Actually you are a good teacher!!

  16. Android Studio is very similar and isn't complete yet, so I'd still recommend learning Eclipse. The main reason I'd move to Android Studio in the tutorials is so that they still look current a year from now when Android Studio is the norm.

  17. Sorry in advance for my bad english.
    I learned some android coding a few months ago.
    I hadnt much time i forgott nearly everything.
    And in this video you said that you will use the new android studio.
    Is this going to be a completely new tutorial? Is the difference between the android studio and java big?
    Would you recommend me to learn your Ecplipse tutorials until now or is it worthless when you start using a new
    development studio?
    Thanks in advance!!

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